Swatch Post: Adorned With Grace Simplicity, Spectacular and Gifted

I’ve not tried Adorned with Grace’s mineral makeup before, but thanks to a friend who’s relocating, I’ve been passed a large stash of mineral makeup to swatch and play with, including these 3 samples.

Unfortunately, is now closed and will only reopen in 2012.

These 3 are eyeshadow samples from Adorned with Grace.

(Photos are taken with flash and can be viewed in their full sizes by clicking on them)

The top half is on bare skin and the bottom has been swatched over Pixie Epoxy, which has intensifed the colours slightly.

These 3 paired together make a lovely trio. The texture is rather smooth and not too glittery, though the mica does reflect light and shimmers. They’re simply made and look well formulated, but nothing really outstanding or unique in the mineral world of makeup. Good basic staples.

Simplicity is a warm silver-beige with a satiny finish. Belows to the taupe family in my eyes. A good one-wash and very work safe.

Spectacular is a cool darker lilac purplish eyeshadow that has the most obvious light reflect mica of the 3. A lovely evening shade for those that don’t like overwhelming colours but would prefer more oomph.

Gifted is a medium plum that doesn’t pull too cool. Great crease or liner shade.

My favourite of the 3 is Simplicity, no surprises there and I probably already have similar shades from other labels 😉

~*Items reviewed were personal purchases passed on to me*~


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