Swatch Post: Darling Girl Eyeshadows

Here’re several Darling Girl Cosmetics eyeshadows passed to me that I’ve swatched, to add on to my swatch collection.

All photos are taken with flash. Eyeshadows are swatched on bare skin (top half) and over Pixie Epoxy (bottom half), which intensified the colours slightly.

Thistle – This is a matte mid to deep taupe/grey. In most lighting it looks the color of wet cement. (my thoughts: This leans brown on my skin and on the cool side. Matte but not flat. Might make a good eyebrow powder too if you’re the right shade.)

Daydream – Sheer shimmering golden tan taupe with a hint of sugary sweet multi-tonal shimmers. (my thoughts: reminds me of the Milani eyeshadow in Beach Sand. This is very shimmery with particles and is best used over a primer. Good as a one-wash post sleepless nights and as a highlighter.)

Cydonia – Deep grayed down khaki green with a halo of gold. This was loosely based on MAC’s Gazette Gray from the Pret a Papier collection. (my thoughts: A very interesting gold/green leaning cool but probably not a shade that’d work on my sallow skintone.)

Gloom – gorgeous deep greyed brown with loads of metallic iridescence running through it and just a little turquoise micro-glitter (my thoughts: lovely taupe-like shade leaning cool. Primer needed)

Texas Tea – Texas Tea is a deep charcoal gray with green shift and loads of multi colored eye safe glitter (my thoughts: this is green to me and yes, with plenty of glitter! Applies slightly patchy without a primer so you’d want to use something to hold on to that glitter. This would make an intriguing liner shade for some.)

~*Items reviewed were personal purchases passed on to me*~


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2 Responses to Swatch Post: Darling Girl Eyeshadows

  1. Texas Tea looks lovely, really unique! Great swatches.

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