Nothing like Magners Pear Cider

The weather’s unbearably hot today and I’m breaking out in heat rash all over the usual spots. My cat’s lethargic and the airconditioning in my room, which is just a few years shy of 30 years old, is out of coolant. Boo.

So sit down, chill out and have a tall mug/glass of Magners Pear Cider with lots and lots of ice! Enjoy the pale gold of the fizzy cider with that pear aroma. Apples are too sweet but pears are nicely tart.

Magners Pear Cider, to me, is numero uno.

As green as the leprechauns and from the land of leprechauns 😛 Just 4.5% and retails at SGD$8.95 at Cold Storage, or SGD$16 – 22 at pubs. I don’t know of any one-for-one for Magners Pear Ciders at the pubs here but if you do, give me a shoutout.

Here’s a toast to the never-ending summer in Singapore.

Cheers, mate!


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