Shock, shock, horror and woe! I can’t fit into my favourite pair of hipster shorts no more 😦

I blame it on my course at work, which I was on for the past 3 weeks.

Where we had a very tight lunch break to adhere to, which meant no gym sessions during lunch.

And I can’t go after work because I had tonnes to do.

And also, my gym watch went missing. Along with my determination. They both packed it in to go backpacking.

So I bought myself a new watch today. And a clock for my room. But the watch is more important as it’s gym-spiration.

So, no more excuses and being a girl and blaming it on everything else but me 😀

A cute and not too unfeminine G-Shock watch with a digital and analog face for the indecisive (me) and a multi-coloured metallic rim protected by the black rubber casing ;P


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