Wiggle Perfume and Sundries Review Part Uno

Remember my post on Wiggle Perfume and Sundries erm…all the way back in July? Here’s a review on several of the samples I’ve roadtested since. I know it’s long overdue but I got really carried away with Heartsy and the discovery of other Indie perfume retailers between then and now, so, here goes, part I of a long overdue post!

The samples are all in 0.5ml vials and were US$2 @ back in July, but are now up to US$3. Ingredients are fractionated coconut oil and fragrance. I received a free sample vial in my order of 9 + 1 vials 🙂 Shipping was prompt and the vials were well packed with no leakage. I really like the professionally printed and well designed labels  on the vials, despite being samples. Each one is unique.


Puanani is briefly described as:

Puanani is Hawaiian for “beautiful flower”, and yes, would in fact appear to be the root of the slang term y’all likely thought you read at first. This fragrance is Hawaiian as all get out, a spicy fresh blend of ginger, ginger blossom and jasmine. Just those three notes, layered over a subtle white musk base. It opens up bitingly bright, then softens into delicate white florals.

My thoughts:  Puanani on me is a light, airy, beach, floral, breezy scent that’s on the fun side, probably like a luau 😛 Perfect for warm summer or tropical and humid nights. I’m afraid I don’t get any distinctive notes here other than the jasmine and the lightest of a musk base that doesn’t overwhelm. As it’s a light scent, sillage isn’t great on me.

Belle Marie

Belle Marie

Belle Marie is a bewitching blend of absinthe, frangipani, kudzu blossom, magnolia, vetiver, oakmoss, and sweetgrass. It’s fresh and feminine, deceptively sweet and earthy with a barely-hidden dark side.

My thoughts: Feminine and somewhat on the sweet side but not in a cotton candy way. The most prominent notes to me, in descending order, are sweetgrass, frangipani and absinthe. There is a slight spiciness in the scent after it develops on my skin in a lil’ while, but not much of the ‘dark side’. I was expecting something naughtier but this one comes off slightly blander than advertised.



A heavy pour of lavender essential oil, a dash of vanilla, a big wallop of black pepper, a splash of blood orange essential oil, and a drop of cardamon later…Mathilde was born.

My 2 cents about scents 😛: For those in Asia, do you remember Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Powder (Classic)? http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread … ing-Powder
This perfume smells like it, but slightly milder. It’s not a sugary scent per se and is an easy scent to wear since it’s neither floral nor spicy nor dark. On the fresher end of the spectrum without the usual floral or fruity notes. It’s an inoffensive scent and if I were stuck for a perfume gift idea, I’m likely to pick this up. Only problem is, this has less sillage and longevity than Belle Marie, which barely stayed 2 hours on me.



Here it is, my San Diego blend. I’ve mixed plumeria, hibiscus, and pikaki with marine notes, earthy chaparal brush, eucalyptis, and a tiny drop of coconut. I think it’s best described as a high-end daytime fragrance, or a casual evening one. Soledad is polished, fresh, and clean, yet still sunny.

On Me: I really like how this smells out of the vial – certainly fresh, lightly floral and a daytime scent definitely. Good for sweltering hot days. I get the plumeria, hibiscus, eucalyptis and maybe just a bit of the marine note though not enough to call this an aquatic scent. No whiff of coconut at all, which is good, since I hate that in scents.

However, it’s different when applied on my skin. It must be personal chemistry. It’s very single note on me for some reason. Mostly hibiscus and a tinge of plumeria. Not for me, sorry.




Hither is my attempt at minimalism, based on the idea of sweet, soft, bare skin, but turned up to 11. Toward this end, I have employed a blend of four glorious musks, three light and one rich. This base could very likely have stood on its own just fine, but never having been very good at simplicity, I couldn’t help but add a dash of coriander, a hint of powdery orchid, and a tiny drop of lemon essential oil. The overall effect is warm without being overtly sweet, and extremely feminine without resorting to girlish frills. A little drop of this at the nape of your neck (or wherever you like, I won’t judge) should get that special someone nuzzling in no time. 

My take: With a description like that, who can resist not ordering? Hither is like the slightly more complex and grown up version of Mathilde. It’s a light musk base with powdery orchid and just a hint of lemon. The powdery orchid mix smells a tad like baby powder, i prefer Hither to Mathilde. This is slightly stronger as well, compared to Mathilde’s fainter notes. Me likey 🙂



Penelope is my spicy Spanish tribute, a blend of blood orange, chypre, black pepper, geranium and neroli. Anchored by the same luxurious musk I used in 27, it contains hints of saffron, honey, and oriental rose.

My take: I absolutely hated this when I first dabbed it on. It smelled very overwhelmingly of old woman musk, chypre, rose and neroli. A very “Little India” kind of scent (it’s one of the areas in Singapore). Sensory overload with just a couple of main notes. Now that it’s muted much after 30 minutes, much better. I get the black pepper and geranium, the musk overtones have retreated to the middle row and there’s even a slight sweetness I get, before that wafts away later on. Definitely a seductive come-hither scent. But not quite 21st century on me. Evocative of the days of ol’ sensuality.

5ml perfume oils retail at US$15 and 15ml versions at US$39 🙂 Currently, there’s a free shipping and 3 free fall samples special with the code FALL11.

Part 2 will come along when I’ve tried out my remaining 4 samples of Maya, Du Bois, Nicosia and Djuna.

~*Items reviewed purchased by me*~


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