Silk Naturals Review: Fall 2011 Eyeshadows Part 2

Here’s a continuation of my most recent Silk Naturals purchase from their Fall 2011 collection, featuring the eyeshadows in the Eyelight Formula. Part 1 featuring lipstains and cream blushes can be found here.

(All photos taken in natural light and can be clicked on to view them in their full sizes)

Just to recap.Eyelight formula eyeshadows in Phantom, Magpie, Ether, By Golly (GWP/$10), Kick Start and Jump (the latter 2 were $3 gumballs in an earlier purchase, hence the different sticker)

 Eyeshadows are US$4/jar.

What are Eyelights?

Eyelights are unique to Silk Naturals.  Applied dry they’re a silky somewhat sheer soft pearl texture.  Applied over Stick ‘Em primer the base color deepens, and the highlights pop out to create a lit from within glow. 

Phantom's my absolute favourite

 Phantom is my absolute favourite as a one-colour wash on my lids.

Phantom is a very light, almost sheer pearl pink with pearlescent golden highlights.  Applied over Stick ‘Em primer it blooms to a soft golden peach glow.

Left half - bare skin. Right half - Meow's i-Prime

There are already many blogs and swatches on the internet showing these eyeshadows applied intensely. I’ve chosen to do it somewhat different, to show them applied with just 1 or 2 coats, as I would on my eyes for a subtle wash of colour. The left half is on bare skin and the right half is over Meow’s i-Prime primer, which intensifies the shades very slightly.

From top to bottom:

By Golly – It’s a GWP which is a steely blue shade that can be sheered out when applied with a light hand
Kick Start – Bronzed grey, witha bit of plum backbeat.
Jump – Neutral leaning slightly purple
Magpie – Amazing blue/green with golden shimmer
Ether – light lavender tone that blooms with purple and red highlights when applied over primer
Phantom – sheer pearlescent pink with golden highlights.

I find these eyelights perfect for work. Subtle satiny pearlescent sheen and available in stunning and neutral shades. While they can go on bolder for a better pop of colour, I like them as they are, time-saving 1-wash shades. The eyelight formula is a winner for sure.

Taken with flash

Not a colour in this purchase that I wouldn’t wear on a regular basis 🙂

~*Items reviewed purchased by me*~


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2 Responses to Silk Naturals Review: Fall 2011 Eyeshadows Part 2

  1. LTski says:

    Ether looks like something I would wear and Jump and Magpie. Thank you so much for applying this how it would look on your eyes. I would wear it like that too.

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