My Lovely UnderGlass Resin Earrings

Remember my post on the Etsy Saturday Night Specials (SNS)?

My UnderGlass resin earrings arrived within the span of 8 calendar days. Across the oceans blue from the US to Singapore 🙂

Pur-rtiest packaging ever!

I don’t easily get my unmentionables in a twist anymore over packaging, but UnderGlass’ did 😀 These came tumbling out of the bubblepac. A paper invoice, a bonus pair of resin I wasn’t expecting, a plastic holder with recycled page and butterfly atop, wrapped in white paper with a butterfly sticker you see bottom left and all bound up nicely with a bit of string and a dangling charm (which I’ll recycle as a bookmark of sorts). Mucho impressive and creative. Thumb’s up.

Helloooooooooooooo Gorgeous!

Without further ado, the raison d’etre. These, these are my lovely resin earrings with a winter tree hanging from a piece of printed UnderGlass cardboard holder with the butterfly motive. The glitter isn’t that obvious and only shows up when it catches the light.

Another attempt at getting the glitter to show. I’ve already worn them a couple of times. They also come with these small plastic bits on the hook which help to keep the earrings from slipping off accidentally.

An invoice along with resin care instructions AND a discount card came along. Oh and Thank You was handwritten too. Can we say all the bases on personal touches and comprehensive packaging/invoicing have been covered?

Note the consistency in the butterfly motive? 🙂

Simple, recycled but creative packaging on an otherwise boring plastic packaging. Gift-ready and gift-perfect.

Free earrings!

A wholly unexpected bonus gift! 🙂 Not bad for a US$11.25 purchase, eh? I’ll be back soon to pick up more treescaped resin pieces.

Highly recommended with both thumbs up!

UnderGlass can be found on Etsy at

~*Item reviewed purchased by me*~


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2 Responses to My Lovely UnderGlass Resin Earrings

  1. Jan in ID says:

    Those are lovely! I am going to check out her site, thanks!

  2. LTski says:

    Those are really pretty. I would totally get those but I haven’t worn earrings in ages…however, wonder if she has necklaces? Off to check…

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