Sale Alert: Sweet Anthem Fall 2011 Pre-Order

Not exactly a sale, but hey, Sweet Anthem (one of my favourite Indie perfumers) is having a Fall 2011 Pre-Order right now from 17 – 19 September and is throwing in FREE SHIPPING, which is awesome if you’re an international customer. Items will only commence shipping 1 October.

The 7 LE scents, only available during Fall 2011, are:

Fall 2011 Limited Edition Fragrances by Sweet Anthem

#026: ANNABELLE – Sweltering jasmine flowers cling to a cloud of osmanthus, and the spray of sea air and salty musk will surely keep you oceanside even though the summer respite has left us. (Marine)

• Top Notes: Sea Salt
• Heart Notes: Jasmine, Osmanthus
• Base Notes: White Amber

#027: BEATRICE – One of the main players in the late-shift masquerade, Beatrice is a hearty soul full of all sorts of fragrant warmth. What type of pie, indeed. (Incense)

• Top Notes: Rhubarb
• Heart Notes: Mahogany
• Base Notes: Frankincense, Tonka Bean

#028: COLIN – Thick air of cardamom, incense, and myrrh set the stage for many a-ghostly and storied song, and provides asylum for spice-laden spectors who steal sweet maidens into the dead of night. (Incense)

• Top Notes: Benzoin, Cardamom
• Heart Notes: Honey
• Base Notes: Amber, Frankincense, Myrrh

#029: LESLIE – Old teenage hopes are alive at your door. Citrus notes entwined with smoldering florals concede to a lovely, idyllic foundation of moss, woods, and leather. (Musk)

• Top Notes: Grapefruit, Yuzu
• Heart Notes: Lily, Incense
• Base Notes: Leather, Sandalwood, Sea Moss

#030: MAUREEN – These thousand dreams could wake you; a complicated, seductive “floriental” for any girl child in the dark. (Oriental)

• Top Notes: Almond, Fig, Mint
• Heart Notes: Moroccan Rose
• Base Notes: Chai Tea, Myrrh

#031: MIRANDA – We fall, but our souls are flying. A baleful blend of banded peppers and woods, tragically impaled with bloodshot immortelle blossoms. (Spice)

• Top Notes: Pink Pepper, White Pepper
• Heart Notes: Immortelle
• Base Notes: Black Agar, Cocoa, White Agar

#032: NELL – A tea fit for any such party: gilded roses, a bouquet of carnations, and a black tea sweetened with milk, spiked with a smattering of cardamom, and a peach slice swimming where a lemon should be. (Spice)

• Top Notes: Cardamom, Creamy Milk, Peach
• Heart Notes: Damascus Rose
• Base Notes: Black Tea

I am especially excited about Annabelle, as I LOVE marine/ocean/aquatic scents with florals (ETA: to figure out why it’s an Oceanside scent :P) and Maureen tickles me as that’s my mum’s name. I’ve picked Annabelle, Nell and Beatrice in 5ml perfume oils, as well as a sampler set of 3 to try out Leslie, Maureen and Miranda.

If you’re looking for recommendations, I already have Nell and Beatrice in EDP form, which I had purchased when they were on clearance previously. Here’re my thoughts:


It smells just like iced peach tea without being too sweet. I don’t get the carnation (must be hidden by the peach), but the cardamom provides a very subtle kick to the peach tea, along with just the lightest and faintest trace of rose. This is a very light daytime fragrance that is slightly sweet, not really floral, is feminine/girly but not giddy and well, just peachy without overdoing it. Very easy to wear and I’d group it under a good gift for those that’re just starting to venture into perfumes or just want something light and easy to wear.


An easy-to-wear, slightly sweet (from the rhubarb) scent that actually mellows out into a soft, comforting warmth. Yummy without being foody and it’s a scent I like to spritz on at the gym after my shower as it’s uplifting and soothing too.

Sweet Anthem Stash 🙂

Let’s end off this post with a peek at my small treasure trove of Sweet Anthem smellies 🙂

(ETA: I didn’t realise I had misspelled Sweet Anthem as Sweet Anthems lol. I was thinking of perfumes in the plural)


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4 Responses to Sale Alert: Sweet Anthem Fall 2011 Pre-Order

  1. Cait says:

    I am looking forward to the new Decemberists inspired scents. One of my favorite bands! Especially Annabelle and Miranda. I should probably hope that I only like a couple otherwise my wallet will be hurting, I’m sure….:D

  2. Hey dear! Thank you SO MUCH for posting about my pre-order event and the new fragrances. And wow, your stash is awesome! xoxo, Meredith

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