Retail Therapy…

…is really an excuse to go shopping 🙂

Here’s what I bought today in the span of just 1 hour when I wasn’t intending to shop when I stopped at one of the malls to grab lunch.

Sisley bag with detachable shoulder/sling strap

Black Sisley bag with detachable shoulder/sling strap. Large enough for documents and a laptop too. Original price SGD$152 (~USD$121), marked down to SGD$76 (~USD$60.80).

100% Silk Pants from British India

From British India, 100% silk wide-legged pants in a lovely berry shade that’s work and casual weekend appropriate + it’s fully lined too.

Price Tag

This pair of pants originally retailed at SGD$269 (~USD$215) and the price was marked down to SGD$59 (~USD$47) as shown, but the cashier informed that it had been further marked down and was just SGD$19 (~USD$15) when I paid for it. Score! A 92.9% DISCOUNT!

Black leather 1-inch pumps

A pair of black leather pumps from Easy Spirit, originally at SGD$165 (~USD$132) marked down by 50% to SGD$82.50 (~USD$66.50). Work perfect.

Feline Supermodel 2011

Feline supermodel of the year. Selling Price: Priceless.


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2 Responses to Retail Therapy…

  1. LTski says:

    Great haul!

    Those shoes look super comfy.

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