Skincare Review: Plante System Eye Contour Gel

Plante System is a French skincare range that is carried in selected pharmacies and drugstores in Singapore like Guardian Pharmacy. Plante shares the same Singapore distributor as Avene here. Price range is similarly a tad pricey as it is marketed as an “Organic Cosmetics” line and similar to what is found in Singapore, it means higher prices here.

Plante System Eye Contour Gel

Today’s review is for the Plante System Eye Contour Gel, which I have been using for about 3 weeks. This is one of a trio of Plante products sold as a set at a discounted price, which made me decide to shell out cash on it. It comes in a standard 15ml squeeze tube and is targeted at dark eye circles.

As I don’t exactly have dark eye circles, I have this refrigerated and applied on my slightly puffy from sleep eyes in the morning as a light and refreshing alternative to kickstart the day’s skincare regime.

Directions are as photographed above. The largest draw for me was the eye gel being phenoxyethanol-free. Phenoxyethanol is a strange thing for me. It stings my skin occasionally when applied but mostly it doesn’t. Even if it does sting, the slightly red flushing lasts for a few minutes before fading away, so it’s not really a big deal. I’ve never quite figured out why it does that on occasion and I’ve done the trial and error as well as product by elimination test to see if it’s a combination of phenoxyethanol products reacting with something else, but to no avail.

99% of the ingredients are of natural origin with 20% of the ingredients cultivated organically (I think that’s what it says in French?). Hence the Eco Cert stamp.

While there are several oils found in the ingredient list, most of the other natural ingredients are mostly. The eye gel is not at all the slighest bit oily, despite sporting those couple of oils.

Yes, it also contains the fast ubiquitous hyaluronic acid, which is more of an essential ingredient in skincare these days. Other than dark circles, the print on the box claims to reduce puffiness and tone up the zone. Suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes, which I certainly agree.

It’s a clear gel that sinks in very quickly on my undereye area and leaves a matte finish. While I can’t say if it helps with dark circles, I do feel a slight tightening effect around my undereye area after the gel has sunk in. Despite containing hyaluronic acid and a couple of oils, this does not really moisturise. Although I’d say it does tone.

Bit of extra reading for those who're interested to know how the ingredients are extracted.

Do click on the photo above if you’f like to know more about CO2 extraction methods which are practised by Plante System.

If you have very dry undereyes, I’d recommend using an eye cream over this gel. However, if you’re in your teens or early 20s with normal/oily skin and are afraid of milia seeds and/or have sensitive eyes, I’d highly recommend this. As this was a bundled purchase, I didn’t mind trying this out. But I’d prefer something slightly richer/heavier/more moisturising that’s more suitable for my needs.

~*Item reviewed purchased by me*~


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3 Responses to Skincare Review: Plante System Eye Contour Gel

  1. Debbie says:


    Can i check with you, where did you purchase this eye gel from? Which Guardian outlet in Singapore? Thank you so much! ^^

    • Hi, I got it at Novena back then but I don’t think they have this anymore. Maybe call around the larger Guardian outlets to check?

    • Hi, I happened to see the Plante range at Novena’s Guardian over the weekend, and also at Junction 8’s Watsons. Not sure if they have the eye gel but you could try calling these 2 outlets. HTHs.

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