First Impressions: The Charming Frog Soaps and Perfume

With the enticement of a Heartsy voucher to get B&B items at a discounted price, I capitulated all too easily when I saw the lovely shapes the soaps from The Charming Frog came in.

I bought 2 sets of soaps and a solid perfume.

My order was placed on 23 August, shipped out from the US on 28 August and arrived in Singapore on 8 September. All in all, decent turnaround time. The postage I was charged was US$10.50, actual postage was US$7.39. Packaging-wise, they’re gift ready. I loved the patterned wrapper so much, I didn’t ruin it at all when getting the soaps out 😛 Boxes are very sturdy.

 Unboxed, that’s how they look. The seashell soaps on the left look slightly battered.

Here’s what I ordered:

Starfish and sea shell soap set at USD$12 (Tropical fruit scent)

Purple butterfly soap set at USD$9 (Green Apple scent)

Charmed solid perfume at USD$4.50

Charmed is described as:

Be Charmed with this devastatingly delightful solid perfume. Scented with bergamot, apple and fig essential oils. Fashioned after French brandy. Wonderful combination. Apply to pulse points. Moisturizing and long lasting. Extremely soothing…Enjoy!Ingredients: Beeswax, cocoa butter, mango oil, jahoba oil, vitamin E, essential oils.

I’ve dabbed this on my wrist and it smells absolutely delightful. The bergamot isn’t overwhelming and the apple comes through too, with just the slightest bit of fig, hardly discernible. It’s not a complex perfume but smells as such. It’s a comforting scent to my nose 🙂 Good price for a simple scent. Note that I copied and pasted the description above from the listing direct, so I’m guessing jahoba oil is jojoba oil?

Let’s move on to the starfish and seashells soap set.

It’s described as a

The starfish are so realistic as are the shells….beautiful ocean seafoam color with an aurora borealis highlight to the shells . Perfect for the beach themed bathroom or your beach house. The set comes with 6 regular sized shells and 1 starfish. the starfish measure 4″x4″ and the shells range from 2″ to 1″. A wonderful gift! They are made of glycerin soap and are scented in tropical fruit. The set comes gift boxed.Weight (total) – 6ozs.My soap is a highly moisturizing formula, animal cruelty free and vegetable based.

Ingredients: • Water • Glycerin • Sodium Stearate • Sorbitol • Sodium Laurate • Propylene Glycol • Sodium Laureth Sulfate • Sodium Chloride • Stearic Acid • Lauric Acid • Titanium Dioxide • Pentasodium Pentetate • Tetrasodium Etidronate


Photo taken off The Charming Frog's Etsy Listing

Lovely shade above. This is what I received below.

Which is really more of a pale blue than seafoam green. It’s quite a vast difference in shade, even allowing for varying monitor calibrations. *shrug* But the shell details are very fine and even though there were crumbly bits that fell off (as seen in photo), it’s still pretty intact in gift-condition. The tropical fruit scent is a mild one and while I can’t say for sure which fruits I smell (despite living in the tropics), it’s a delightful crowd pleaser scent.

The purple butterfuly soap set was true-er to the colour and look at the detail of the centrepiece soap. GORGEOUS.

However, the darker purple butterfly kind of rubbed off on the other butterfly on the right. T(a)inted by association in the plastic baggie 😛

However, there’s some salt-like substance on the darker purple butterfly. Some kind of crystallisation probably occured. Though it’s not on any of the other pieces.

The crystallisation’s also on the back of the dark purple soap.

While I really fancy the novelty of the lovely shapes and am very impressed with the outer packaging, I’m not quite sure if I’d be getting more, especially if the purchase was intended as a gift. Unless there is a better way of packaging the items for an international journey, I’d reconsider. Otherwise, for own usage, I think they’re fine.

~*Items reviewed above purchased by me with a Heartsy voucher*~


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10 Responses to First Impressions: The Charming Frog Soaps and Perfume

  1. Magpie says:

    Hello there! While I find this “review” humorous and insightful, it was to my understanding that “international” shipping wasn’t part of the Heartsy voucher offer from The Charming Frog, only for US and Canada…you are one lucky customer and pretty much put this company on the spot by one, sneaking in an international order and two, taking pictures with a camera that isn’t equipped with the best of color quality. The Heartsy voucher was $10.00 and your shipping was “$7.60″…so that means this store GAVE you FREE items. I have been a customer of The Charming Frog since the day they opened, and in their defense, their shipping is low to begin with and there was probably a reason why international shipping was not part of the Heartsy offering, hence the condition of the soaps from the journey from the USA to Singapore. I kind of feel like you’ve set this company up for failure. Did you contact The Charming Frog about the packaging issue you had to give them a chance to correct it? Or the concern of the color accuracy? I have had great experiences, great customer service and nothing but quality from this Etsy store. While Heartsy gives great deals, you should understand that companies that are offering vouchers only make about $2-$3.00 profit IF that from the voucher sale, especially if the store offers to cover shipping. Try and order from The Charming Frog again, get an international shipping quote prior, then give a fair review.

    • Dear Charmingly “Nasty” Frog,

      I, for one, am not taken in by your claim to be a “customer”. Such vitriol is way overboard.

      (A) International shipping charges for the items I ordered were already included in the listing. What redundant need is there to contact you about? Do you think international customers are such fools to purchase vouchers from stores that do not ship internationally?
      (B) Thanks for slamming my photography skills. They are certainly more flattering than your snide and unwarranted remarks. Rest assure that I will publicise to the best of my ability, both in my blog in a follow-up review as well as a forum that I am an active member of, where the majority are your American and Canadian potential customers. You certainly merit it and I wish you all the best backfire salvo there is.
      (C) That is your Heartsy logic from your point of view. Not mine. If you’re not prepared to incur the losses and waive them off as marketing fees, that’s your call, not mine. I’m the customer and that’s my point of view.
      (D) So much for someone from the land espousing free speech and independence. This is my blog and the items were as depicted. My opinions are my own.

    • Furthermore, who would be so asinine to waste good money on The Charmingly Nasty Frog products (again) after being insulted at? You need to re-examine your “holier and more righteous than thou” attitude. Not me. It’s my money to spend as I wish.

  2. Magpie says:

    I happen to live in the UK,own my own Etsy store and am savy to how Heartsy works, and was not able to purchase a Heartsy voucher from The Charming Frog as it was for US and Canada only. It is my finding that when “truth” is spoken and a person becomes as defensive as yourself that the “truth” has hit home and by your reaction, it hurt you to hear the truth. My philosophy is this, if you can’t handle the response, don’t blog about it. I am not “The Charming Frog” but will be sure to email them and send them the link to your blog so they can see your plan on thrashing their store and products. Look inward my dear, I feel you’ll see “nasty” within.

    • So you say, my *dear*, so you say. Atrocious manners, atrocious spelling and not savvy enough to let it be. If you had happened to purchase the deal as a VIP member which grants you access to the deals a day before normal members can purchase them, it’s not your call to call me names by “taking advantage” of any loophole nor is it any of my concern nor should it be that the seller chooses to alter her terms and conditions AFTER the sale was released to VIP members and had been purchased by us. If you have an axe to grind, go pick it with The Charming Frog. You can’t handle my review and you’re attempting to take the high road now tsk tsk. Once again, this is my blog and MY RIGHT to blog as I view it. Whether I buy your farfetched tale, I obviously don’t. Since color is spelled as “colour” and your spelling is the pits for a “UK” citizen. If you really are one, you’d know that they’d identify themselves as English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish given their national identities. Try harder, my *dear*, try harder.

    • The wonders of technology and ISP checks.
      Country: United States
      ISP: AT&T Internet Services

      No need to inform The Charming Frog. They’re already very well informed, Ms US.

  3. Magpie says:

    I said I live in the UK…I didn’t say I was “English.” I also travel Einstein and yes, happen to be in the good ol USA at the moment. Congrats to you, you can search an ip address. Still not The Charming Frog. I did email The Charming Frog your link…I’m sure they’ll find it about as fascinating as paint drying. Cheeers!!!!

  4. This is the owner of The Charming Frog. I respect everyone’s opinions and want absolutely no part of this discussion. Thank you for the write up lipgloss. Magpie, as I appreciate your support, I prefer to be my own spokes person for my store.

  5. K says:

    The review is positive, I don’t see why Jennifer would be upset with it. On the contrary, I would think she would like it!

  6. Jan in ID says:

    This review did not read as a negative to me either. I don’t see why “Magpie” is upset?? I would have considered ordering from this company, but not now.

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