Do you know about the Etsy Saturday Night Specials?

The discussion thread for them can be found here

It’s a thread for Etsy sellers to post their Saturday Night Specials (SNS) commencing when a new thread for that specific date is opened by one of the forum leaders and runs till any time frame UP TO 6 a.m. Sunday EST/NY time, but no later. You can score discounts, free shipping, BOGOs and other specials there. Although you do see a few familiar names that repeatedly post on the SNS thread almost every Saturday, there are a few that do it very occasionally.

For the last Saturday, I purchased a pair of lovely resin earrings from UnderGlass (, who was running a free shipping offer (saving me USD$4.00 international shipping) and also had a concurrent 25% off storewide in honour of Labour Day.

So I got me:

midnight snow translucent resin earrings

(All photos taken off UnderGlass’ Etsy Listing)

This pair of lovely earrings because it reminded me of a scene out of fantasy books. Also, I love the play of blue and glitter in the snowy forest landscape. It reminds me of Europe and a season we don’t get in Singapore 🙂 It usually goes at USD$15 but with the Labour Day 25% off, was just USD$11.25.

When I get them, I intend to add a few links to the hook to make the earrings longer myself.

Matching pendant

Also available – the matching pendant, which I was almost tempted to order, except that I personally find the dimensions of 1 1/4 inches (3cm) tall by almost 3/4 of an inch (2cm) wide on an 18 inch chain somewhat small for my frame and I generally prefer longer chains for non-dainty pendants and giving the beauty of the resin, a larger size would have done it better justice. Just my op. Retails US$25.

misty morning translucent resin bracelet

This also caught my fancy –  truly whimsical tree sits atop a pretty backdrop of a pale aqua sky above and a rising plum colored mist below. USD$22. I love the play of colours and it does look slightly eerie too. Except Ms Klutz (i.e. Yours Truly, Moi) would probably break the resin while swinging those trunks I call arms wildly when walking.

Matching earrings available at USD$15 and I LOVE the teardrop shape. Maybe at the next sale 🙂


Another pair of lovely violet graduated earrings with abstract writing which I fancy too. Except that I’d prefer them in fatter teardrop shapes 🙂 USD$15

~*An independent review with my opinions*~


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3 Responses to Do you know about the Etsy Saturday Night Specials?

  1. Thanks for the info 😉
    … I don’t want to be a copycat, but I love the earrings you ordered!

    • lol unlikely we’ll bump into each wearing the same pair of earrings since we’re in different continents but that’s the design I love best, followed by the eerie looking fantasy tree 🙂

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