A Yummy Heartsy Deal: Trufflepiglet

I don’t usually order food internationally (except for sealed items and from iHerb) but couldn’t resist the yummy offerings from Trufflepiglet http://www.trufflepiglet.com/delivery when a Heartsy deal came up.


International delivery is at a very reasonable 8 quid for up to 500g

International Delivery Rates
We deliver worldwide. From time to time delivery may be suspended to some destinations affected by political instability. The cost by Airmail is fixed at £8 for up to 500g (i.e. orders not containing jar goods!), increasing to £17-23 for 1-2kg. Delivery is normally between 5-10 working days, depending on location.

They were shipped out within 4 days and arrived in slightly over a week.

I know I took a risk ordering loose chocolates from the UK, as Singapore is a hot, tropical country 24-7, 365 days/year 😛 But as you can tell, they arrived intact and unmelted in a sturdy box. Slightly soft, yes, so I popped them in the refrigerator for a while before popping them into my mouth.

The mixed loose chocolates that I selected were packed in 3 different plastic packages. Some arrived smashed, as seen, pretty much inevitable but I’m not fussed about it.

 Prices are very reasonable at around 35p – 45p  each for most. My favourites are:

(photos taken off trufflepiglet.com as they're much better taken than mine)


Port Truffle


Earl Grey Truffle


Peanut Butter Graham Square

Something very British


Pimm’s Cocktail Swirl

To be honest, as to check back my order invoice requires a log in and password (which was sent to my email but I’m just too lazy), I didn’t bother verifying my order quantity. I did know that I went over my Heartsy amount and top-upped with Paypal, so there were too many chocolates distracting me lol. 2 very neatly printed slips were included, detailing the choccies.

Cute, whimsical, useful and professional.

Handmade in the UK and yummy.

I ordered several of these jam-filled chocolates and they survived the journey very well. Too bad they didn’t last long against my ravenous appetite 😉 These may be seasonal flavours of the month as I don’t see them listed on the site anymore. I like my stalwart flavours and occasional varieties so flavours of the month are very “my thing”.

Would I order again for my own/home consumption? Unhesitatingly yes. But let’s give me some time to work off the extra kilos first.

~*Items reviewed purchased with a Heartsy Voucher*~


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