OHWTO: Summer Perfumes

Right, so I wasn’t intending to order at all for sometime, as I have very many Indie perfumes currently, not to mention more on their way. I have a mantra. Sale = purchase. No sale = wait. But I happened to “like” One Hand Washes The Other on Facebook and managed to score a free 5ml perfume oil of their summer scents in a contest! Yippee!

So, that was a sign divine to make a small order đŸ˜‰

Stolen Bouquet was my prize (and my favourite perfume in this purchase, unexpectedly). Thanks for that, OHWTO! đŸ™‚ I also added samples of Passiflora, Tea Rose Mimosa and 2 from the Private Stock list – Fevrier and Lady Grey.

Also popped in a 2 oz tube of Black Magic to try as an alternative to using mud masks for deep cleansing. My 2 free samples were Latitude and Raspberry Gingerale in solid scent form.

My thoughts:

Stolen Bouquet

Purple blooms sneakily gathered from the gardens of others while nobody was looking- lilacs and violets, accented with orchids, with a dash of powdery vanilla added to ground the scent.

It’s not something I’d pick myself as I’m not really a fan of lilacs and violets – find them too sweet -, though I’m perfectly fine with orchids and a powdery note. I have to admit, I was pretty “meh” about it when reading up the notes. But on me it was a different story. Definitely delicately floral and sweet, but not too cloyingly so. It’s freshly feminine and imho, more of a Spring than Summer fragrance. Something I’d keep for my “I’m wearing a purty dress” days. My favourite of the lot. My unexpected prize!

Tea Rose Mimosa

Red Tea, white rose, and raw honey; brewed, cooled, and splashed with sparkling champagne and served upon an antique wooden tray. A soft, delicate scent- rose haters, this one might just steal your heart.

I’m definitely not a rose scent lover, but I do like tea and honey perfumes. Hmm, Champagne… did someone call my other name? This is a shy, sweet and delicate scent, pretty much as described. No overt rose fragrance here. I can get a tad of the faintest dab of honey but no champers, baby. It’s a light and lovely scent, which I’d like as a shower gel, but not really as a perfume.


Punchy passionfruit, ripe raspberries, wild figs, a shot of Earl Grey tea, caressed by the light touch of rich woods and a sprinkling of soft talcum powder. Tart and fruity!

Being on a passionfruit kick lately, I’ve been making fresh passionfruit with mango yoghurt smoothies. So how could I resist? Plus, Earl Grey tea’s one of my favourite teas too and a powder rubdown? Sounds awesome! In principle, this sounds right up my alley and don’t get me wrong. I really like how tart and fruity this smells, but I cleanly forgot that fruity scents don’t work for me as they get acidic with my body chemistry. It’d been years since I’d tried a truly fruity scent which explains why I clean forgot. This is fantastic if you like and your body chemistry’s fine with them. I get plenty of passionfruit and raspberry. Not much fig and tea đŸ™‚

Latitude – solid scent sample

Coconut flesh, lychee, mango and jackfruit, pineapple juice, vanilla, honeysuckle and magnolia. A sweet and tropical fruity-floral fragrance, perfect for the hottest summer days.

I’ve only sniffed this in its pod, not tried it out on my skin. Seeing coconut flesh listed foremost, I was expecting an opening like Besos del Sol.  But this isn’t. It’s the faintest whiff of coconut (being the flesh, I guess) and more of a mix of the other fruits within. Certainly luchee, mango, pineapple juice, vanilla, honeysuckle and magnolia. Not much jackfruit (not  a scent I fancy). Sweet and lovely as a fruit cocktail. I’m almost tempted to lick it đŸ˜‰

Non-summer Private Stock Perfume


Named for the second month of the year, typically the coldest, this fragrance was inspired by the barren yet beautiful winter landscapes of New England. Red fruits and black spice make up this blend; you’ll smell currants, cranberries, pomegranates, and black pepper- along with the tingling nip of winter’s winds. It’s foody but not in a way that makes you smell like food- you can call this scent “gourmand”.

Intrigued by the description, I had to get a sample to try, even though “cool, wintry” scents generally don’t quite work for me. Let alone the tropical climate we have here. I really love how this first goes on, you get all the fruits and a hint of black spice. Then the black pepper gradually but surely overwhelms the fruit notes for a lil’ while before subsiding. Very strange play of scents here and with hardly any black spice thereafter. It’s a fruity, cool scent but possibly too sweet on me.

Lady Grey

Based on Earl Grey tea, Lady Grey has the bergamot and black tea notes you’d expect in such a scent, along with a touch of lightly floral musk, vanilla bourbon, and Immortelle.

For bergamot lovers, this is a very strong concoction of Earl Grey tea đŸ™‚ I actually get just that. Bergamot and black tea. In that order too. Not quite what I was expecting.

Raspberry Gingerale – solid scent sample

Springtime 2011 LE

Ripe red raspberries floating up and down in a pitcher of freshly-poured ginger ale, thanks to help from millions of fizzy pinprick bubbles. A touch of blackcurrant adds a syrupy sweetness to the blend without weighing it down. A bright and lively scent!

It smells as named. I’ve also not tried this out on my skin. I can smell the fizz in this and it’s not too sweet indeed.

So, OHWTO’s Mermaid remains my all-time favourite OHWTO scent (https://lipglossfiend.wordpress.com/2011/06/30/one-hand-washes-the-other-ohwto-mermaid-and-beguiled/) đŸ™‚

~*Items reviewed purchased by me or was a prize*~


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