The Morbid The Merrier: Ursa, Lavinia and Dhanya

Modest TMTM haul


My 2nd TMTM ( haul and unexpected sweets that came along with it 🙂

I had convo-ed the very obliging Lysa on Ursa, after Cait recommended it. It’s a d/c perfume. 😦 But Lysa readily agreed to make me a bottle and I couldn’t resist adding along 2 EDP samples (3ml each in spritzer bottles) of Dhanya and Lavinia. There was no extra charge for making a d/c scent.

Ursa (5ml bottle) is

 Black carnations, musk, creeping ivy, and a tiny whisper of orange marmalade.

Ursa to me is like the slightly more feminine and sweeter version of OHWTO’s Mermaid. Whilst Mermaid is definitely salty, Ursa has a much stronger floral note (black carnations) but with that sea air about it. Although there’s musk, it’s not overpowering. I’ve been alternating Mermaid and Ursa this entire week and if I had to choose 3 perfumes to take along with me as a castaway on an island, they’d be Mermaid, Ursa and Sweet Anthem’s Beth (if there’s space, Caroline too!).

Lavinia promises to be

A heady blend of refreshing teas, delicate florals, and rich green. Feminine, stimulating, and clean.

And indeed it is. It’s simple and refreshing with nothing complicated about it, but neither is it a singularly flat note. More teas than floral. Lovely for sweltering hot days or as a quick pick-me-up. Or that after-gym perfume when you want to smell fresh and chirpy but not citrusy.

Dhanya is from the Odditoria collection (which is supposedly darker and I’d fancy moodier than TMTM’s main line)

Orange blossom, blackened amber, blood orange, whiskey, and a most decadent Indian white amber

I must admit, I like the scent of whiskey but hate it neat/on the rocks. Just me. Couldn’t resist Dhanya even though I was hesitant about the blood orange note in it, as from past experience, citrus notes tend to overpower the rest and  command centrestage the grander the old dame got. Dhanya proved me wrong. Totally, wholly wrong. I’m glad about that 🙂 This opens with the ambers instead of anything citrusy. I can catch an intoxicating whiff of whiskey as well, mingling with the blood orange. This is in no way a citrus scent and I like the play of orange blossom with the amber and whiskey. This has depth but not too complicated, feminine, slightly on the sultry side and yes I have plans to get this in a 5ml sized perfume oil roller bottle.

While the EDPs don’t last as long as the perfume oils, they’re definitely decent enough and have a fair throw though not as potent as commercial EDPs/EDTs. TMTM’s Ursa in perfume oil form is very long lasting on me and I can get 7 – 8 hours of wear from 1 application, although it certainly fades at the 5th hour mark. I like to reapply in the afternoon to freshen up the scent. I paid USD$24 for my 3 perfumes including shipping to Singapore which is a fair rate for Etsy perfumers and not forgetting that these are original scents. Highly recommended 🙂

~*Items reviewed purchased by me*~


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