Erste Eindruecke: Simply Natural Soap Co

Hello there and thanks for reading another one of my “First Impressions” review 🙂

Today’s feature is Simply Natural Soap Co, an etsy shop that sells bath & body items (if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’d already know that that’s one of my weaknesses ;))

With yet another Heartsy voucher, I picked up the following:

  • Ginger Pear Creamy Mango Butter Soap (the green bar) USD$5
  • Peppermint Cocoa Cold Process Soap USD$5
  • Pink Watermelon Whipped Souffle Soap USD$6.25

Soaps are approximately 4 – 4.5 oz (whipped souffle is 4 oz)

International shipping was undercharged at just USD$6 when the actual came up to slightly over USD$12. Turnaround time was just 2 days and I got my international order in under 2 weeks. Items came well-packaged with ingredients listed. Simple, no frills. Just simply natural 😉

Ginger pear smells very sweet, more pear than ginger. I love the colour of the soap. Cocoa Peppermint is much fainter with a good balance between the 2 scents. I’ve not used these 2 soaps so can’t quite comment at the moment.

I’m currently using the Pink Watermelon Whipped Souffle in the shower with my loofah and this is just what the doctor would recommend after a long day. It’s lightly scented with a fresh watermelon scent, just the slightest bit candy smelling. It foams up very, very well with just a small dollop and the texture is very silky in the jar. A joy to look at and to use.

 While the label isn’t waterproof, it doesn’t rub off that quickly and I like how it’s in a sturdy little 4 oz jar that’s definitely recyclable.

Would I purchase again from Simply Naturals? Sure! With very reasonable intl shipping rates and prices, they’re definitely worth a try. I’m actually eyeing the Salty Mariner ( and the Sea Shore soaps (


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2 Responses to Erste Eindruecke: Simply Natural Soap Co

  1. cwood85 says:

    I just came across this and it made me so happy! Thank you for such a nice review about my soaps! I have been MIA for a while (had a baby!) but started my soap making back up 🙂 please feel free to stop back for some more.


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