Essence 35 Party All Night Metallic Effect Eyeshadow

Thanks to my globetrotting pal, I’m now the owner of a new beloved eyeshadow.

The much-beloved, highly affordable but for some reason not sold in Singapore Essence eyeshadow. I didn’t ask how much it was but Essence is a very very affordable label in Germany/Europe.

Check out the detailing that went into an economical eyeshadow and how un-powdery the eyeshadow looks (which is often associated with cheaper eyeshadows. I must do a post on them one day.)

Yes, this is soft but luckily not super-soft or else it’d go crumbly in the pan. Long lasting, check. Metallic effect, check. Gute deutsche qualitaet, check 😉

Sorry for the shitey photo but that’s just with 1 stroke of the finger. a single layer of eyeshadow and what a payoff! Sheered out, it’s not so gold/bronze and is more taupe, which is right up my alley. It’s metallic but not too sparkly. Has a good satin finish. I left my sparkles behind me along with my 20’s 😉

A good work eyeshadow or you can amp it up for the night too. Much ❤

So if you have Essence in your neighbourhood stores, please grab them. They’re such a great buy.

~*Item reviewed was a personal gift*~

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