First Impressions: Lana Bella

With my $35 store credit voucher from Heartsy, I picked up the following from Lana Bella. I did exceed the voucher amount by $6.

Lana Bella is an etsy store that sells handcrafted soaps, herbal teas, salves, bath salts, aromatherapy stuff, scrubs and more. It’s quite an impressive selection and best of all, it looks to me as though a lot of effort went into crafting the different items and scents. Shipping was a fair USD$11.50 (international) for the items above, which came with a free small soap sample and a card with a 10% discount code.

  • Blue Moon Beer with Orange Soap
  • Serie Cold Process Soap
  • Buggy Be Gone Balm in a Tube
  • Somnia Aromatherapy Roll on Perfume
  • Eostra Aromatherapy Roll on Perfume

While the soap was packed with corrugated cardboard, a plastic baggie would have been appreciated, as there were bits of the soap all over the inside of the mailer and the other items too. That aside, Serie smells TERRIFIC. USD$6 per 4 – 5oz bar of soap.

Serie is

This luxurious artisan bar will help you awaken your senses with the stimulating scent of rosemary, the refreshing scent of eucalyptus, and finishing with the freshness of lemon.

This smells so awesome and totally scented my study desk while sitting in the mailer. It’s a great blend and nothing synthetic smelling about it, since it’s made with essential oils. I cannot wait to use this in the bathroom once I finish up my loofah soap.

Beer Moon with Orange smells good too, with orange being the prominent note. Just that it doesn’t pack an uplifting and refreshing punch as Serie.

The Buggy Be Gone tube at USD$2.75 has not been put to the test but it smells mighty like the other non-chemical scents I’ve to keep the mozzies away when travelling. Handy tube to have in the purse. The aromatherapy roll-ons come with little bits of herbs and flowers, which really caught my eye.

Priced at USD$7.50 each in a 0.35oz glass roll on tube, very fair.

Somnia claims to:

Take a deep breath! The intoxicating essence of hops combined with the relaxing aromas of lavender, and chamomile to set you adrift in tranquil relaxation as you sail away to the place of your dreams.

Somnia is made from 100% organic jojoba oil and essential oil blend of: Lavender, Orange, Hops,
 Patchouli, Yarrow, and Roman Chamomile. Inside the bottle you will find buds of lavender and hops which make it a delight for the sight as well as the smell.

This is a pretty strong scent that smells strongly of chamomile and lavender, but pleasantly so. I’ve yet to try it in bed but I will soon.

Eostra is:

Eostra is made from 100% organic jojoba oil and essential oil blend of: Mandarin, Lemon, Cardamom, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Vetiver, Jasmine. Inside the bottle you will find buds of jasmine, cardamom and orange peel which make it a delight for the sight as well as the smell.

I’m not too sure about this scent and will need more time to test it out. The mix produces a funny fragrance that I can’t quite put my hand on… I suspect it’s the Ylang Ylang which I generally avoid since it smells similar to ammonia to me. It’s just me.

There’s a 10% discount code, but I received an email from Lana Bella with a 15% referral code instead and would be most appreciative if you could include my email while checking out 😀 (integritybites at gmail dot com)

All in all, prompt shipping within 3 days of payment, good international shipping rates, excellent soaps that are made with essential oils and infusions rather than synthetic perfume oils and minimal, eco-friendly packaging which has ingredients on the items. I really do like the scent of Serie and will be browsing their site again soon 🙂

~*Items reviewed purchased by me with a Heartsy voucher*~


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