First Impressions: Body Luxe

With my $10 Heartsy voucher for $35 of VIP credits at Body Luxe, I decided to get a selection of body butters and a soap.

Body Luxe Goodies

Body Luxe sells a variety of B&B products from scents to bath salts, body butters, balms, soaps, soaks, veils, sprays and more. Prices are on the higher side for Etsy B&B items, but with pretty good and professional looking packaging and labels on their etsy listings. Intl shipping is on the higher side as well for 1st class intl airmail.

My purchase was made on 18 July and shipped out on 24 July. Very decent TAT for a Heartsy deal. I was also $0.45 over my $35 voucher amount but was not billed. Items came well packed in a bubble mailer and a small pack of Morocco bath salts was included as a GWP. Lovely touch.

 My soap is known as the Goddess Shimmer Fleur de Lis made with Shea Butter. US$6 for 5 oz. Wrapped with clingfilm and was put in a lovely blue lil’ mesh bag, gift perfect really.

“Goddess is one of signature scents that is beautifully earthy & citrusy with a touch of Moroccan Rose. It smells absolutely beautiful in the soap and leaves you with just a hint of blooming scent.”

I’ve not used this in the shower yet but from what I can smell, it’s really earthy and feminine. I actually get a bit of sandalwood in the mix too, not sure if that’s associated with Moroccan Rose. It’s not your usual rose scented soap but smells higher end.

With a simply mindboggling array of scents to choose from, I gave up and just selected the Island Girl Trio, which is supposed to have 3 x 1 oz jars of body butters in the following scents:

::::This set comes with THREE 1 oz Body Butters in the following scents:::
….Plumeria Blossom
….Cherry Blossom (NEW and only available in this set)
….Lush Garden

To my pleasant surprise, Cherry Blossom was double that 1 oz 😉

…………………….Scent Profiles…………………..
Plumeria Blossom ……A delicious blend of hawaiian plumeria, juicy green apple, paired with green and grassy violet leaf and amber. Plumeria Blossom is a breezy scent that is filled with sweet flowering blossoms, ocean air and blue skies

Cherry Blossom…… A light, romantic floral of Delicious sweet cherries with a powdery touch. A slightly sweet, woody floral.

Lush Garden ……A delicious blend of sweet acai berries, juicy green apple and lime, paired with green and grassy herbals like buchu & clary sage. Anchored with Frankinsence and Jasmine, Lush is refreshing scent that is fruity, grassy and reminiscent of a lush rainforest.

Plumeria Blossom is a light airy floral with the slight sour bite of green apple, which I do like. Tad on the sweet side. Cherry Blossom is as described as a sweet woody floral which is about right. Lush Garden is the sweetest of the trio and yes, lush. Not sure if I like it as it’s somewhat too complicated for me.

It’s a delight to find them nicely whipped and filled to the brim with peaks. The texture of the body butter is not as rich nor emollient and will not leave a greasy finish. The butter sinks in very quickly with just the thinnest of film, barely perceptible. It does moisturise, but doesn’t leave that coat that heavier butters do.

Ocean Breeze

My Ocean Breeze sample was a bit of a disappointment both sample content and presentation-wise. Take a look at the listing

Which says at the end: Our Body Butter is Paraben Free & SLS Free
Net wt 1/2 oz.

Your deluxe Body Butter will come packaged in a beautiful cobalt blue PET jar that is recyclable.

While I’m not too fussed about whether it comes in a tin or jar, I did expect better labelling, since everything else looks professional about Body Luxe.

There’s also some separation as you can tell in the tin, which I think might be the oils used or else it wasn’t whipped/mixed properly.

Ocean Breeze is described as:

Ocean Breeze:::::Reminiscent of sand, warm water and blue skies. Delicious fresh florals,citrus, muguet and jasmine finished with blooming flowers.

Beyond luxurious, this enriched whipped body botter is made for the goddess in all of us. Scented with citrus, jasmine and grass, this warm scent brings you to lazy summer days by the water.

The scent is very strong and yes, a floral aquatic scent. More floral than aquatic really. The texture is slightly heavier than their normal body butter, but sinks in rapidly too, leaving nary a film at all. It moisturises from within. I’m impressed with the formulation and this tin is currently in one of my handbags for me to apply on my hands after washing.

All in all, despite the inconsistency in packaging, not much really to complain about Body Luxe. I am imprssed by their body butters and might consider re-purchasing if/when a good sale comes along 🙂 to help with the higher pricing and international shipping.

~*Items reviewed purchased with a Heartsy Voucher*~


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