Sweet Anthem Perfume Review: Cordelia, Alice, Catherine and Juliet

This is more of a continuation of my post from yesterday, my latest Sweet Anthem haul 🙂 5ml perfume oil versions.


Ambergris, Black Pepper, Civet, Coriander, Fir Needle, Lavender, Plum, Sandalwood.

I now get why Cait says this smells weird. I don’t quite know what to make of it. Smells like, to me, cough syrup + lozenges. Or to be more exact, Now Foods’ Elderberry and Zinc lozenges (which I have and am sucking on one now to check if it tastes like what Cordelia smells like. Almost). It goes on very sweet on me and remains sweet. Must be the plum. Afraid this doesn’t work for me.


Juliet –
• Head Notes: Mango, Pink Pepper
• Heart Notes: Clove abs., Jasmine Sambac, Neroli
• Base Notes: Muskwood, Tobacco
Sour green mangoes, the sort you find in a lot of Southeast Asian salads. That’s the first note I get. It’s a light, pleasant, not too fruity nor floral scent though definitely jasmine. It’s probably a perfume I’d get for someone who’s making her first foray into perfumes. A safe, middle of the road crowd pleaser. I don’t get the clove, tobacco but there is just a smidge of neroli and pink pepper. I didn’t quite like it when it was just applied, but it definitely gets better on the skin. Not so sour. It’s more of a “young” perfume than sophisticated.

Alice –
Edelweiss, Hemp, Musk, Mysore Sandalwood, Tobacco, Tuberose, White Amber
I can see why this seems to be a favourite too and is SOLD OUT NOW:) It smells slightly mysterious and alluring to me. I get a lot of sandalwood in this, along with musk and tobacco, but not disgustingly so. It’s not a complex scent, but it’s not pure sandalwood either. The notes seem to unfold more the longer it sits on my wrist. 2nd favourite of the 4 here. Brings to mind a cigar room. Comforting, warm, soothing. No floral/fruity overkill. Well done.

Catherine –
• Top Notes: Bergamot
• Heart Notes: Wisteria
• Base Notes: Amber, Red Tea
My favourite of the four. I was expecting the Bergamot to be overpowering but not at all. The amber and red tea go very well together to ground the scent. Wisteria and only the teeniest bit of bergamot. Slight powdery feel to it. Me likey much. It’s quite similar to one of the Wiggle scents I have with a powdery drydown.  Clean, fresh, young and stylish :)


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