Sweet Anthem BOGO Haul

When Sweet Anthem ran their BOGO (Buy 1 Get another at 50% off) sale, here’s my lil’ Christmas treat to myself.

Hehehe I bought enough to score the Sweet Anthem cardboard boxes.

My 5ml perfume oils and 10ml EDP sprays all sitting pretty.

I’ve not tried the SA EDP sprays and am looking forward to testing them out. I love the handy size, very purse friendly.

My perfume oils, as well as free samples of Sophie and Karen which Meredith was kind enough to throw in (totally wasn’t expecting them, honest!).

I’m not testing them out yet as from past experience, I’d like them to settle and develop a while longer in their bottles for another week or so, to let their scents develop fully. I’ll also be storing them in my wine chiller to prolong their lifespan, since it’s highly unlikely I’ll use them up within the year.

It was through a Heartsy voucher that led me to try Sweet Anthem. So long as your product is excellent and priced affordably, I do believe that Heartsy can work to promote more sales post-Heartsy experience.

~*Items purchased by me*~


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