First Impressions: Sobe Botanicals Cheek & Lip Colors

With my US$14 for US$38 (VIP Credit Amount) voucher for Sobe Botanicals, I ended up with the following 🙂

4 cheek and lip colours, 1 Goth Lipstick, 1 FS eyeshadow in Taupe-iary (GWP over $35) and 2 free samples in plastic baggies. A discount code valid till mid-September was included on the reverse side of the card 😉

They came in this leopard printed paper baggie tucked into a bubblepac mailer. There was no shipping notification, but the TAT was around a week to ship this out and then just under 2 weeks for US – Singapore postage. Pretty fair, imo, for a Heartsy deal.

Unfortunately, an accident befell upon Taupe-iary while I was pressing it into a pan, so no swatches of this 😦

The lip products came in black tubes, unshrinkwrapped and are 0.33oz in content. US$8 each.

JackOLantern – Described as a beautiful bright orange ( … -gothlips/) I was hoping for a brighter orange, as the one I have doesn’t seem as bright as on the website (looks slightly more gold on my lips than an orange). A layerable shade. Not a colour I’d have chosen if I didn’t have the luxury of a voucher as I’m not into the goth scene or otherwise. But a fun shade to experiment with.

Mauvin Out – Described as a medium mauve with a bit of shimmer. This is a wearable slightly grown up shade 🙂

Parasol – Medium Brownish mauve with a bit of shimmer ( … -lipstick/). This is a very wearable shade. I currently have on a layer now and while it’s not as brown as the lipswatch on the page, it’s a sophisticated colour. I’d call it a grown-up version of nude lips

Ravishing – Beautiful medium Coral almost red with a bit of shimmer. A colour I’d wear on a naked face and no other makeup other than foundation. Not quite something for everyday wear, but a bright shade that’d liven up most complexions.

Coastal – described as a light warm coral ( … ek-and-lip). This is actually a MLBB shade for me that brightens up my face without being too obvious a lipshade. I love it.

General thoughts – they’re slightly waxy and definitely on the creamy side. Not as moisturising as SN lippies but by no means drying at all. They have a lipstick feel on the lips and are buildable. Colour payoff is pretty good. Texture-wise, slightly soft but not melty. Pretty hardy for warm weather, I’d imagine. They’re slightly minty when applied and smell slightly minty in the tube, but I don’t get a whiff of it on my lips. In fact, I wish it’d stay mintier longer.

As they’re slightly waxy, I wouldn’t be using them on my cheeks as I’m prone to clogged pores. But I can see how Ravishing and Coastal would be lovely as cream blushes, with Parasol and Mauvin Out as bronzers or contour shades.

Sobe describes the scent as:

They’re all flavored in our custom Flavor that I call French Tart, which is French Vanilla a hint of mint & a touch of rose. It’s very nice & not too much

The scent is pretty inoffensive and I don’t quite get any hint of rose in them, which is good since I dislike most rose scents. My favourites are really Parasol and Coastal.

There is On Pointe, which wasn’t for sale when the Heartsy deal was on. It’s a colour I’d love to try for everyday wear, being a pretty pink 😀

$8 imo is a pretty fair price for 0.33 oz of lip product, as SN and other slimline tubes carry just 0.15 oz. Would I be buying anymore? Sure, when I manage to make more thorough inroads in my lippie collection.

~*Items reviewed purchased by me with a Heartsy voucher*~


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