Crafty Stitches Custom Portfolio and Wristlet

After almost 2 months of anticipation, my Crafty Stitches customised portfolio and wristlet arrived.


The ready made items were slightly cheaper, but customised is the way to go and the bit of extra $ for that is worth it as I got to choose my fabric of choice – Damask.

Wristlet in Lavender glitter Damask

I love the jewel button that goes so well with the lavender damask fabric. The contrast lining fabric can be seen at the opening. I’m not sure if it’s poor sewing (or cutting/measuring) but I like the effect, so no complaints from me.

Crafty Stitches’ personalised label on the inside. A URL wouldn’t go amiss, imo.

Meet my gorgeous Notebook Carrier/Portfolio (or get your own here Other than selecting the fabric, I requested for my initial to be in Edwardian script and placed just right under the handles, so it’ll look the right way up when carried by the handles. I do actually plan to bring this to my business meetings and while this doesn’t exude a sleek executive look, I don’t think it’s too childish or whimsical either 😀 Either way, not that I care 😉

The antique finish metal button which I didn’t choose, but do think it goes well with the theme.

Practical compartments on the left for my door access card, pen and namecards.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with this purchase, long wait notwithstanding. The stitching is decent and while it isnt perfect, it’s definitely above passable. I’d trade a longer waiting period for good quality work(wo)manship anytime.

The 2 items + priority flat rate shipping was US$58.95. I paid US$14 for a voucher value of US$44 (VIP) so in reality, I only paid US$28.95. Which is pretty fair, really. I’m not sure if the long wait was because I’m a Heartsy customer and ranked lower down the queue but as I’m not really in a hurry for my items, I’m cool with it. Though the seller could have taken initiative to inform the buyers on the TAT or a simple update, instead of waiting for the customer to ask about the status first,

~*Items reviewed purchased by me with a Heartsy voucher*~

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