First Impressions: Bungalow Bath & Body

Bungalow Bath & Body was the 2nd etsy shop which I’d purchased a Heartsy voucher for. All the way back in May which I’d blogged about here.

Which just arrived last week in August. Why the wait? The first package went missing, never made it here. The replacement package probably went the same way too. MIA. Jenn, BB&B’s owner, was very patient and showed exemplary customer service, for a Heartsy customer. She sent the 3rd package (the one that got here) via Global Priority Mail with tracking and refunded the postage I’d paid for. Which essentially meant she lost $ on this Heartsy deal here. The refund of the postage was a lovely gesture initiated by her, so top marks for that all round for a smallish order.

Here’re the much much long-awaited B&B haul from BB&B.

Plumeria Moisturising Body Spray 4 oz
Ocean Mist Whipped Sugar Scrub Soap 2 oz (custom)
A Day At The Spa Whipped Sugar Scrub Soap 2 oz
Lemongrass Sage Whipped Soap 2 oz (custom)
A Day At The Spa Whipped Soap 2 oz
Sandy Beach Whipped Salt Scrub 2 oz (custom)

As they come in 2oz small jars, it’s reminscent of Red Leaf’s B&B jars. Even in colour and texture, though different ingredients are used. We’ll talk about that later.

The Plumeria Moisturising Spray smells lovely, but doesn’t quite moisturise much for me. I’d use it as a spray post-tanning.

Everything is labelled and with ingredients, though the labels aren’t exactly colour-fast. I’ve taken Lemongrass  Sage Whipped Soap and one of the Whipped Scrubs to the shower and both are awesome. The whipped soap lathers well with a small amount used.

The scent is on the light side and the whipped sugar scrub is the finest I’ve used so far. I’d not hesitate to recommend it to sensitive skins. Sandy Beach Whipped Salt Scrub smells fantastic and it’s something I can see myself ordering again (provided the packages don’t go missing. I really don’t know why).

I also like how the products are not garishly coloured, thank you.

That’s the BB&B jar to your left and the Red Leaf jar to the right.

A comparison of the textures.

~*Items reviewed purchased by me with a Heartsy voucher*~


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