Skincare Review: Galenic Foaming Cleansing Gel (Rinse Off Formula)

The Galenic range from France is available at Guardian Pharmacies here, but are sold at a slightly higher price range than Avene (same importer, I believe).

This 150 ml tube of Galenic Pur series Foaming Cleansing Gel retails at SGD$30.90 in stores, but for just SGD$9.90 at an atrium sale. So yes, guess who couldn’t resist?





The fragrance is virtually non-non existent. 

The Pur range from Galenic ( uses the Melilotus floral water and is a cleansing range within Galenic.

 I’ve used this as a cleanser on its own in mornings or as a 2nd cleansing after using my oil cleanser to remove makeup. It doesn’t lather much, rinses off so easily and doesn’t dry out my skin leaving it squeaky clean but dry.

The cleanser has a runny gel-like texture and because it doesn’t lather much, I always tend to think and use slightly more than usual.

It’s a decent sized cleanser at $9.90 (maybe 2 – 3 months’ usage if not slightly more) but at $30.90? I definitely wouldn’t bother. I particularly like how gentle it is and if you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients, definitely worth a try.

~*Item reviewed purchased by me*~


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