First Impressions: Kawartha Beads

Kawartha Beads‘ Artfire shop was featured on Heartsy in June, offering a $9 for $22 (VIPs $32) credit. I’m not really a costume jewellery but the pricepoints of the items seemed too good to resist!

Kawartha Beads is based in Canada so shipping might take a tad longer than international US mail. I placed my order in early June, but owing to the postal disruption, only received my items last week. Was it worth the wait? I’d think pretty much so. My items were very neatly packed as you can tell from the photo above.

A handwritten note is always a lovely touch, even if it just says “Thank You” 🙂

I wasn’t expecting the cardboard backing and lil’ ribbon touches at all, considering the low pricepoints of the dragonfly charm and earrings. If they were meant as gifts, that’d be good to have.

The Majestic Mint Necklace ( was priced at $15

The earrings at $9 (

Cute dragonfly charm with bead at just $4 (

Shipping was a fair $7.


Mint green or seafoam green’s a colour that always gets me. I also fancied the cute flower on a filigree base. However, at 18 inches, this necklace sits too close to my neck, given the size of the beads and filigree base + flower. I’ll have to add links myself.

This pair of blush pink and frosted white earrings are a joy to wear, since they go with almost everything I have. Especially when decked out in black, I like how the earrings add a subtle nice touch of colour to it all. I’ve worn this several times since I got them.

Ok, I must confess. I bought the voucher because of this dragonfly charm. I have a silver bag that has a holder for a keychain/charm on the outside which looked barren to me. This charm is a lovely addition without looking too frilly and girly 🙂

All in all, pretty impressed with Kawartha Beads and their price point. They’re also available at etsy on

Forgot to mention that the clasp is cute

~*Items reviewed purchased by me with a Heartsy voucher*~


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