Petite Threla Sangria Lip Balm (SPF 15)

The sun’s really making its presence felt lately in Singapore, especially on weekends. No more torrential downpours and “Once in 50 Years” flooding (that was a challenge issued to fate and fate and the flood waters ROSE up to the occasion! Repeatedly so!)

Yummy light Sangria - without the alcoholic kick

I’ve ditched my Sebamed and Banana Boat SPF lipbalms and this is what’s in my pocket/bag at all times. The Petite Threla SPF 15 Sangria lipbalm (d/c). It’s described as “Sweet & Alluring Sangria” and it smells like a toned/watered down version of sangria with a slightly fruity kick, but not too sweetly so.

No bitter SPF taste

There’s no bitter taste nor is it sweetened and the texture is excellent. It’s softer than Jasmine ( and doesn’t melt in my pocket when I’m walking around out under the sun. Fantastic stuff. There is beeswax used, which is ok for an SPF lipbalm imo, since it keeps the balm longer on the lips. It’s not an overly moisturising balm and there’s absolutely no gloss to it, which will suit guys perfectly fine.

It’s a pity that this line is d/c, but from an earlier convo with Petite Threla, I do know that she’s experimenting with some natural SPF lipbalms instead. In the meantime, I’m very well-stocked on SPF lipbalms from Petite Threla 😉

~*Item reviewed purchased by me*~


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