Anderson Soap Company Haul

Taking advantage of the 30% code for the Anderson Soap Company blogged about here, I ended up with the following B&B items. They were shipped in a USPS Global Priority Flat Rate Envelope (I was charged USD$14.50 for that). The envelope arrived with the flap opened 1/4 of the way through. There was no additional tape over it. Which isn’t very secure if this is going to travel more than halfway round the world. Shoddy packaging number 1.

The 12 ml roller ball perfume is quite the steal and Oakmoss does smell true to its name with rather good sillage. I could smell it on myself 4 – 5 hours later, though fainter.

While the soap was shrinkwrapped, there was a section that was not covered – which resulted in my entire package smelling of the soap. Damask plum smells really good (I love sour plum drinks) but this also resulted in the soap being slightly moist, thanks to Singapore’s humidity. I’ll have to use this pretty soon. Not a fan of shoddy packaging – this is number 2.

Ingredients are also listed on the soap.

This is my 2nd purchase from Anderson Soap Company (read about the first here) and while the products are pretty good scent-wise and texture, I’m on the fence about re-ordering again, because of the insecure packaging of the envelope and also the products. Unless a larger sale comes along to knock me off my fence.  Like a Heartsy voucher. One can hope 😉

~*Items reviewed purchased by my me*~


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