First Impressions: Ophelia’s Apothecary

Ophelia’s Apothecary was featured early June on Heartsy, which was the only reason I tried them out, given the high price points for an Indie store. The sellers are based in Prairie Village, Kansas.

My order was placed on 4 June, excess topped up via paypal within 2 days and the items were shipped out on 6 July. Yes, 6 July. They finally got here mid-July. Was it an experience worth waiting for? Read on to find out.

V. well packed and looking professional

Packaging wise no complaints. Invoice and a free vial of perfume oil was included, which I wasn’t expecting since my purchase was just $28 + $8 shipping. Probably to compensate for the long wait.

I picked up a 4 oz jar of Temptation and Sugar Body Buff ($18 as well as a set of 4 antibacterial hand gels for $10 (4 x 1 oz bottles

You’d think the labels look fine and everything truly looks professional, which might justify the pretty high prices for an Indie label on etsy. But look closer at my hand gel bottles. The label is definitely not waterproof and the scents of the hand gels are written in marker on the label.

Here’s a look at my Bergamot Violet hand gel which had the most affected label. Enough said. Ingredients are listed on the items. I’ve used the hand gel and kept one on my work table in the office. It does clean decent and the scent smells light without being overwhelming. No complaints on its efficacy and it doesn’t leave your hands dry.

US$18 for a 4 oz scrub is very expensive. I’ve used this and while I really love the ground coffee that exfoliates darn well (but can be coarse for those with sensitive skins) and the strong coffee scent, I’m not quite convinced it’s worth the US$18.  The “Sealed for your Protection” cover you see wasn’t attached firmly to the jar. I’ve received items from Indie companies with such a protective cover and they have always been affixed to the mouth of the container, requiring some effort to tear it off. But not for this OA jar, which was simply slapped on. I’d rather this was omitted if it were really so, rather than setting certain expectations when I see this within.

This is what OA describes the scrub as on etsy:

i’m finally bringing back our temptation body buff. for those of you new to the temptation scrub…it is not for the faint of heart! we’ve blended fresh ground coffee with vegan pure cane sugar, apricot seeds, and blueberry seeds…all to provide various levels of exfoliation. then, to improve on an old favorite…i’ve also blended in chamomile, rose, and hibiscus tea, which aids in circulation as well as calming the skin. as with our original blend, we top off this recipe with a healthy dose of dark cocoa, which is fabulously high in antioxidants and also aids in circulation! to compliment the aromas we have going on naturally, we’ve also added a bit of amaretto, to give it a totally euphoric fragrance that is hard to resist each time you shower!

now….about the oils:: we’ve taken sweet almond oil, shea butter, and jojoba oil all perfect to moisturize your newly buffed skin. this scrub leaves your skin feeling soooo soft and you are enveloped in both calming and uplifting fragrant oils. while this scrub is rich with oils, it is not your typical oil based scrub…it feels creamy and lush without leaving skin or tub slick and oily. {this is a much different oil formula from the original….which was highly oily}

Compare the photo above with the etsy listing photo below.

Taken off Ophelia Apothecary's Etsy Listing

I’ll let the photos do the talking on how different they are. I don’t mean the container, but the contents.

There were no updates given nor did I receive a convo on the long TAT. I later found out on a forum that I frequent that one of the co-owners was undergoing chemo, which explained the long TAT. Nevertheless, a general email or a simple convo would have been good. The labelling fails big time and sorry to say, while the items work fine, I’m not convinced that they’re worth the premium prices they go for. The photography is very well done for the etsy listings but the follow-ups, unfortunately, fail my first impressions test. Would I repurchase? Not at full price. Would I get them again if they re-feature on Heartsy? Mmm, undecided.

~*Items reviewed purchased by me with a Heartsy voucher*~


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