Asian Label Feature: Skin Food Gold Kiwi Sun Cream SPF 36 PA++

I’ve seen Skin Food stores around for many years but somehow the price point and use of fruity stuff never really appealed to me. I’m also not one for cutesy packaging (and yes, that means NO HELLO KITTY and pals, please!). But I’m Asian through and through.

Until the shopping bug struck last week, while on the lookout for a moisturising daily sunscreen. I’ve started a new job and boy is the airconditioning strong. So strong that my normal-oily combination skin got dehydrated and my makeup became patchy and just plain dry. I figured that my sunscreens for the face with oil control could no longer be used (save for weekends or on my neck and shoulders) and I popped into Skin Food and came out with the following:

A cocktail of Gold Kiwi, Grapefruit, Agave Cactus, Black Sugar

Only the Gold Kiwi Sun Cream SPF 36 (SGD$23.90 ~US$19) and the Grapefruit Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek (SGD$18.90 ~US$15) were full sized items. The rest were gifts with purchase or free samples.

The sales assistant at Skin Food AMK Hub knew her stuff and after testing out the tomato and other fruity sunscreens above SPF30, I settled on the Gold Kiwi Sun Cream SPF 36, which was her original recommendation.

The chemical blockers are EHM, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Which means this sunscreen is compatible with SPF makeup. Along with other fruit extracts like from the gold kiwi, which provide the anti-oxidants to fight the free radicals generated by chemical sunscreens. The gold kiwi, according to the sales assistant, contains more vitamin C than the humble orange. There were also gold kiwi pieces in tiny cups at the store to try, which I did. It’s not as tart as the green kiwi. Yummy. It’s apparently only harvested once a year unlike the green varieties.

It’s a screw-on cap with a nozzle on a squeeze tube. The amount to dispense is easy to control and the texture is pretty creamy rather than runny. It’s not waterproof, btw.

This sinks in pretty fast atop my serums and gels and the white cast isn’t obvious if you apply in repeated thin layers. It is slightly shinier than my oil control sunscreens but since I have makeup over it, this doesn’t bug me. There is a very slight tacky feel to it too, which is pretty standard for many sunscreens. Since it’s a cream, it doesn’t spread as easily as your typical runny sunscreens, but no tugging of the skin is required to spread it out. Once again, this isn’t an issue if you have on powder over. Most importantly, when used on my eye area, this sunscreen does NOT cause my eyes to water, which avobenzone-based sunscreens do without an exception.


This wears pretty well throughout the day in my office and doesn’t cause my makeup to flake/pill or go patchy. While I still do need to put a couple of drops of oil atop the sunscreen for added moisture, it’s certainly not as dehydrating as my oil control sunscreens.

When paired with the Skin Food Agave Cactus BB cream, I can skip the oil.

There’s a whole range of Gold Kiwi skincare products from Skin Food:

It’s a range targeted at slightly dehydrated skin that need more hydrating elements. I’ve not tried the emulsion sample kit and will update on that after I’ve done. The sun cream does a decent job and the price point for 50g is pretty good in Singapore’s context. It’s probably something I’d buy in Singapore stores rather than getting it online.

~*Item reviewed purchased by me*~


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