My Latherati 41% Off Haul

Here’s what I got from the Latherati 41% Off Sale (blogged about here)

I must have at least 6 of Dr Jekyll in both solid perfumes and roll-ons now. One’s always on my office table to freshen up any scent in the afternoon and because it smells so light and good 🙂

Perfume heaven

While the perfumes lack the complexity and longevity of TMTM and Sweet Anthem, they’re all perfectly lovely and very wearable.

A whole tonne of moisturisers.

Honestly, I would never have bothered with purchasing the moisturisers at full price, since shipping is quite a bit for them. But the 41% off made up for that 😀

So here’s looking forward to Julie’s (Latherati’s founder) birthday next year and hopefully another GREAT sale!

~*Items shown purchased by me*~


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Lipgloss, Makeup galore and other yummy goodies by the score :)
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