My Favourite Asos Clothes

Ok so I did go kind of overboard shopping for new clothes for my new job. Not that I needed any nor was any special wardrobe required.

But I’m woman. Do I need reason to shop? 😀

Presenting to you my favourites from Asos that fit me pretty well. There were quite a few duds too which I’ll probably resell online on Ebay when I find the time/energy to post.

Fitted style and gives shape to the figure.

Cheery shade

I wore this on Monday paired with a belt worn low on the waist. To chase away the Monday blues 🙂

Pink c'est moi!

Yet another pink! Ok, I must admit, I love the style of this dress. I have it in Black, Grey and Pink. If there were more colours available… I wouldn’t have stopped at just 3.

This is a Warehouse dress sold on Asos that I bought. Wore this a few weeks back to indulge in tapas and 1-for-1 drinks. With enough room for more binges 😉

This corset top is boned and gives a shapely fit to even the straightest of figures. At just 9 quid! Too bad there’s only 1 shade, otherwise Ms Stock-Up would have grabbed more…

So here’s a lil’ glance into my wardrobe. I do have prints, not just solids. Just that they look smarter for work and are easier to mix and match. Prints are kept mostly for hols and weekends. Speaking of which, I can’t wait for the weekend to arrive. To sleep in =)


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