Wiggle Perfume and Sundries on Etsy

Not that I need anymore nice smelling smellies, but I came across Wiggle Perfume on Sweet Anthem’s Facebook Page and…well…

I ended up getting 9 samples. They come in 0.5ml vials and cost $2 each. Intl shipping is a very reasonable $2. Since I’ve just placed my order, I don’t have the items on hand. As I have a bit of free time before I turn in, I thought I’d do up the descriptions now. Wiggle has one of the best descriptions for scents, if you like your perfumes to tell a tale 🙂 Several are even naughty.

(All photos taken off Wiggle’s etsy listings and are of the 5ml roller ball bottles)

This is what Wiggle Perfume (based in Olympia, WA) describes itself as on the etsy shop:

A word about the wiggle: The wiggle is about pushing back against the notion that all our parts are meant to be hard and flat and angular. It’s about realizing how much power there is to be found in the curvy jiggly bits. It’s about spending less time in the gym and more time in the bedroom. It’s about relaxing and letting the good outweigh the bad. Rock what ya got! (It is not, however, about using those bits to get out of speeding tickets. At least not too often, let’s don’t ruin it for the rest of the girls, eh?)

Mae West knew about the wiggle, Marilyn understood…a little wiggle makes the world go ’round.

Perfumes are made from fractionated coconut oil + fragrance and come in 0.5ml vials ($2), 5ml perfume oil roller ball bottles ($15) and 15ml perfume oil bottles ($39). There is also a line for men.

I love the photography and the burlesque element in many of them. There seems to be a good range of perfumes ranging from lighter florals like Jasmine Verbena to darker/smokier/seductive scents.

My selection of 9 scents (from like, a shortlist of 20+? Not an easy task):

Belle Marie

Belle Marie

I always wanted to be a voodoo queen. I mean, come on! How cool would that be!? Nobody messes with you when you’re spattered with chicken blood. Alas, there were precious few chickens to practice on in suburban Seattle, and my ambitions never bore fruit. 😉

Marie Laveau, on the other hand, made quite a name for herself in that field. People are still talking about her over a hundred years later, and her influence infuses New Orleans with mystery to this day. This scent is my nod to her and the city I always meant to run away to (and someday will). Belle Marie is a bewitching blend of absinthe, frangipani, kudzu blossom, magnolia, vetiver, oakmoss, and sweetgrass. It’s fresh and feminine, deceptively sweet and earthy with a barely-hidden dark side.



I’m so excited to finally release this scent! I’ve been wearing this one for the last month or so, but have been struggling with the name and then the label design. Finally, I’ve got it labeled, shot, and ready for all of you!

This is a rich, deep scent, not very sweet at all for those of you who prefer something earthier. A blend of exotic hardwoods and spiced chocolate, Maya is the more finished version of my Mayan Cocoa scent. I’ve added hints of orchid and plumeria, along with a kick of black pepper to give it a little heat. This fragrance is wild, dark, and mysterious…give it a try and see if you don’t get some rather primal reactions!



I’ve always had a longing to see the mediterranean. There’s just so much history there, so much art, such gorgeous, passionate people. And the food! This scent embodies one of my favorite escape fantasies. A blend of fig, olive blossom, clove, golden honey and sandalwood, this scent is all fresh breezes and dusky-haired women draped in sun-bleached cotton.


No snickers over Puanani, please! 😛

I’ve had this on my dresser for over a year! Well, not this particular bottle, you all get fresh ones, of course, but my point is that this formula has been waiting for a name for a very long time.

Speaking of the name…get your minds out of the gutter! If you look closely, there’s an extra vowel in there. Puanani is Hawaiian for “beautiful flower”, and yes, would in fact appear to be the root of the slang term y’all likely thought you read at first. This fragrance is Hawaiian as all get out, a spicy fresh blend of ginger, ginger blossom and jasmine. Just those three notes, layered over a subtle white musk base. It opens up bitingly bright, then softens into delicate white florals. A truly rare thing, Puanani manages to be unmistakably tropical without any of the sweetness or creaminess that usually mark those sorts of scents.



Finally! I’ve been waiting to release this fragrance, it debuted as part of the giveaway bonanaza going on at SoapBoxCo.com. This is my new favorite!
DuBois is a heady, lavish blend of creamy white scents. A mix of gardenia, almond, and egyptian musk with a hint of cinnamon, this fragrance is very luxurious and sophisticated, but still equally appropriate for day or evening. There’s something very retro about this scent, it’s very ladylike and glamorous, with a bit of a sparkle. I almost feel like a Veronica Lake hairdo should be required with it. White (hopefully faux!) fur and (non-conflict) diamonds are optional.



I’ve always meant to learn the flamenco. My two left feet, and several extra thumbs, however,have left me too shy to try. So, once again, I’ve fallen back on my ability to pretend through perfume. Penelope is my spicy Spanish tribute, a blend of blood orange, chypre, black pepper, geranium and neroli. Anchored by the same luxurious musk I used in 27, it contains hints of saffron, honey, and oriental rose.

I won’t say whether it’s named after any particular Spanish Penelopes, but I will admit that there’s one I’ve pretty much wanted to be since I first say her get busy on a pinball machine in Jamon Jamon (seriously, check it out, it’s fabulously dirty and absurd). I think I’d honestly give a pinky finger for that hair…

This is a very complex, sophisticated, “perfumey” perfume. Perfect for sultry summer evenings, Penelope goes well with a plunging neckline and strappy sandals. Just so you know, black lace and red lipstick are, in fact, required. 😉



I  just knew this blend was meant to be when one of my very best customers wrote to say how much she liked Martine, but she wished for a sugary twist to it. She wasn’t sure what, but knew she’d want it to have something earthy and deep to ground the sweetness. See, I had just been in my garden, deadheading my lavender plant, the moment before I read her message. I was thinking how my favorite characteristic of lavender is its black peppery kick, and how someday I really need to do a blend based on those two notes. So, since disobeying fate is asking for it, I dropped everything and whipped on a pair of gloves. A heavy pour of lavender essential oil, a dash of vanilla, a big wallop of black pepper, a splash of blood orange essential oil, and a drop of cardamon later…Mathilde was born.

I feel I should mention that this scent has more than once stopped my husband (who is wonderfully supportive, but has smelled every perfume I’ve ever made and can no longer quite tell them apart) dead in his tracks. He comments everytime he walks into a room where I’ve sprayed it, and insists that I wear it at least 80% of the time from now on.



Finally! I’ve been trying to get these pictures taken for a couple weeks and things just kept getting in my way. Here it is, my San Diego blend. I’ve mixed plumeria, hibiscus, and pikaki with marine notes, earthy chaparal brush, eucalyptis, and a tiny drop of coconut. I think it’s best described as a high-end daytime fragrance, or a casual evening one. Soledad is polished, fresh, and clean, yet still sunny.


(Come) Hither

Kudos to Miss Kimmy, by the way, for naming this one. 😉 Hither is my attempt at minimalism, based on the idea of sweet, soft, bare skin, but turned up to 11. Toward this end, I have employed a blend of four glorious musks, three light and one rich. This base could very likely have stood on its own just fine, but never having been very good at simplicity, I couldn’t help but add a dash of coriander, a hint of powdery orchid, and a tiny drop of lemon essential oil. The overall effect is warm without being overtly sweet, and extremely feminine without resorting to girlish frills. A little drop of this at the nape of your neck (or wherever you like, I won’t judge) should get that special someone nuzzling in no time. 



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