Silk Naturals Amplifying Lip Glaze Swatches: Fanfare, Creampuff, Blushberry, Pretty Please

Fanfare and Creampuff were purchased when the Amplifying Lip Glaze line was released by Silk Naturals a few months back. There are now a total of 9 Amplifying Lip Glazes (

  • Blushberry
  • Nice Tan
  • Pretty Please
  • Blaze
  • Creampuff
  • Electra
  • Fanfare
  • Glacier
  • Transparent- Clear

US$4.50 each in a slimline 0.07 oz tube.

Labels slightly battered as they've been carried around a couple of times

Out of these, I have added 2 (Pretty Please and Blushberry) to my SN lippie collection.

I’ve only used Blushberry on my lips. Pretty Please was just swatched on my hand. Check out how the formula differs slightly in hardness. Blushberry is still pretty solid but Pretty Please in pretty mushy. Fanfare is also quite mushy in the tube with Creampuff just slightly softer than Blushberry but not in mush state yet. I don’t know if this has to do with the weather or the formula. My lippies are stored in my drawer away from the window/sun and most of the SN non ALGs are still fine. Which is really why I’ve not used them much since getting the ALGs.


Blushberry is a mostly sheer watermelon pink/red color- there is a smidge of titanium dioxide in it to yield a bit of coverage, but not much.  It’s matte without even a hint of shimmer, and should look good on most folks.  I’m not completely in love with it on warmer skin tones, but it’s very much a workable color if you want to go for it.

Pretty Please

Pretty Please is a sheerish slightly sparkly nudish pink with hints of peach (next to a pink you can see the warmth, but on it’s own it looks more pink than anything).  I’d call it a nicely balanced shade that works well with most skin tones.  It’s just one of those easy, pretty, looks good with pretty much anything colors.

My thoughts: Blushberry looks pretty yummy on its own on my lips, giving it a lovely subtle natural flush of colour. It’s not OTT and I do have a warm skintone (NC25 – 30). The fact that it’s slightly on the sheer side makes it work.

I’ve not tried Pretty Please on my lips as it’s now pretty mushy in the tube. I’ll probably put this in my airconditioned freezer of an office and check it out there. The cooler temperature ought to help.

The ALGs are on the sheer side and really meant for layering rather than used on its own. I tried using Blushberry for a photo shoot and was waiting in line for a touch-up. When the Makeup Artiste got to me, she asked where my lipcolour was. It had faded away despite me applying it on my lips under 2 hours ago. They do go on with a slight tingle but nothing that irritates me. It doesn’t last too long, so not a cause for concern. The price is fair for the amount and the colours are subtle and pretty.

I’m pretty happy with the 4 ALGs I have now and wouldn’t be trying out the rest anytime soon. If Silk Naturals were to expand their lip stain line, I’d highly recommend a Blushberry shade.

Photos taken indoors with natural light

~*Items reviewed purchased by me*~


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