First Impressions: Pink Dotted Owl Bath & Body Products

Here’s another Heartsy deal that shipped out incredibly fast and offered pretty good value too. Pink Dotted Owl – Get a Hoot Owl-a-Soap on etsy.

I ordered on 28 June, items were shipped on 1 July and got here last week. Impressive TAT for a Heartsy deal.

3 Whipped Soaps and 2 soap bars

This is what my $45 Heartsy Voucher (plus an additional $2+) got me. Shipping was in a flat rate global priority envelope which is awesome. The items were packed well though only the bar of soap was shrinkwrapped.

I chose three 4oz tubs of Fluffy Whipped Cream Soaps in Lemongrass, Strawberry Hill and Sugar Plum Owlsfairy (US$6.50 each), a 4 oz bar of Vanilla Hazelnut Latte Fluffy Whip Cream Soap Bar (US$5.25) and a 2 oz  Soap with a Twist in Cherry Blossom (US$4.50). I’ve not used the soap twist, so I shan’t comment on that. Except it sure looks handy for travel and smells lovely.

The labels are cute with the most adorable of owls. Ingredients are found on the labels, which is always a plus in my books.

However, cute as the labels may be, they’re not waterproof. Check out the smudges that’s probably from the oils used in the cream soaps. Although there was no spillage, the lids were slightly oily at the sides. I’d highly recommend shrinkwrap/band and a switch to waterproof labels, especially for a product that’d be used in the bathroom.

The whipped soaps do look delish, don’t they? Lemongrass is a shocking yellow. Pretty different from how it looked in its listing here (

The scents are rather strong in the jar, especially for lemongrass. This smells like true lemongrass – the herb, not the perfume. I’ve only used this once and it lathers ok and luckily, the scent doesn’t linger too long on the skin. It’s certainly very refreshing and I highly recommend this for hangover days or sleepy mornings. Strawberry Hill and Sugar Plum both are on the candy sweet side scent-wise.

The Vanilla Hazelnut Latte soap made with cocoa butter smells just absolutely delish. Although it reads Deep Chocolate Fluffy Whip on the label. However, unlike the photo you see on its listing here ( where the soap looks porous, the bar I received is absolutely solid. I’ve been using this for the past week, as handsoap and it lathers and cleans very well without overstripping the hands. Plus, the scent is suitably strong. My only complaint is the shape of the bar. It’s rather long for the hand and somewhat flat. Hard to get a good grip. I don’t want to cut it up since it looks too cute but if you do use this for the body, that might be a better option. That furry striped lump in the background is my cat, Tiger, who got very curious while I was taking photographs and wanted to pose along 🙂

I really like this soap (plus how cute it looks) and will pick up more of Pink Dotted Owl soaps the next time round.

Check out the other fluffy whipped soap bars by Pink Dotted Owl here

and their other hootalicious soaps here

Very cute and I’d highly recommend them as presents, wedding gifts, door gifts, novelty value etc. Pretty fairly priced for the size too. Plus, the seller will refund excess shipping charged. Count me impressed by the soap bars from Pink Dotted Owl.

~*Items reviewed purchased by me with a Heartsy voucher*~


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4 Responses to First Impressions: Pink Dotted Owl Bath & Body Products

  1. says:

    Thank you so much for the kind review on Pink Dotted Owl. This is my mothers soap company and she has worked extremely hard making these soaps. I will be showing her this review this evening. Thanks again for your kind words!


  2. Mini says:

    Where did the pinkdotted owl go? I LOVE their products! 🙂 Can’t find you on etsy 😦

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