First Impressions: Sweet Anthem Heartsy Deal

Here’s a follow-up from my Sweet Anthem Heartsy voucher ( and may I just say that this is one of the best Heartsy deals for me so far!

I purchased my lovely smellies on 28 June and they were shipped out 2 days later on 30 June. They arrived in just over a week.

Well packed indeed

I’ve never had stuff shipped in what’s known as glassine envelopes and I’m guessing this must be it. A hybrid of bubblewrap and ziploc. A bit of googling explained what glassine envelopes were to me ( but tbh, I was more impressed by the hybrid ziploc+bubblepac outer bag, which I had mistakenly thought was glassine 😛 This was also placed in the standard bubblepac envelope that I’ve chucked away. No invoice was included.

Tada! No spillage and I do like the Sweet Anthem sticker. Not too girly nor chi-chi.

So here’s how my order of 2 x 5ml perfume oils in Caroline and Norah and 1 sample of Marianne looked. The Anastasia sample was free and also included was a calling card. The small roller ball glass bottles came with a sort of white clingwrap like seal around the neck that I could remove easily. Not at all sticky, so no unsightly marks to the label or cap.

(I actually requested Marianne in perfume oil version so not quite sure why the solid version came. Anyway, I was so happy with the scents and strength of them, I didn’t bother seeking redress on this issue. Yes, the perfumes are THAT GOOD.)

Let’s start with the samples. Although both solid scent samples came very melty, there was no spillage out of the pods and I actually like the texture. It melts and rubs into my skin so very easily. Sweet Anthem has since retweaked the formula of the scents after getting much feedback from others on this issue, owing to the coconut oil? melting in the summer heat.

Fig, Guava, Leather, Mahogany, Peony, Pink Pepper, Tuberose, White Patchouli

Sample – USD$5

I have to admit. I don’t like figs. The fruit that is. So I was pretty curious to sniff it in perfume form. But that wasn’t the reason for ordering this sample. Leather, Pink Pepper, Tuberose and White Patchouli led me to place the order (since Cait on the forum raves about tuberose :))

This smelled of figs straight off out of the pod and on my skin, along with Tuberose and White Patchouli beneath it. Which really helped to temper the fig (since I don’t like figs). After about 30 min, the fig mutes down to a whimper and I *think* the pink pepper comes through, with Tuberose and White Patchouli being the more dominant notes. I don’t get the leather in this though. While it’s not a scent that works for me, it’s not unpleasant. I also like how this smells not like a generic scent at all but something with more layers and depth to it. In white wine terms, this would be more of a Gewuerztraminer rather than a Zinfandel/Chardonnay 😛

Champaca absolute, Civet, Dogwood, Fresh Snow, Green Tea, Honeysuckle, White Patchouli

Anastasia wasn’t something I’d choose myself, so I’m glad that Meredith of SA included it as a free sample, which brought me out of my comfort zone. This is a fresh and clean scent but not in a shower gel way. The fresh snow really comes through and I’m guessing the dogwood and champaca as well, with the white patchouli in the background. I don’t get the green tea and honeysuckle at all, which actually suits me just fine as they’re both not scents I fancy in perfume. Anastasia smells very true out of the pod and on my skin. It’s the perfect after-shower scent for me that swings it just a tad to the feminine side rather than being an andrygynous sort. I like it but since it belongs more to the “cool” side, not something I’d get for tropical Singapore. I actually had this on while I was at the gym working out for over 2 hours and boy did it stay on my wrists, a lovely clean scent that doesn’t offend.

Caroline & Norah

Ambergris, Bergamot, Champagne, Jasmine, Lemon, Oakmoss, Sarsaparilla, Vanilla Sugar

5ml perfume oil – $12

Champagne gets me almost everytime and I imagined myself smelling the fizz of sarsaparilla and champagne together. Most of the champagne scents on etsy are very fake and flat so I was really hoping this would be different. Not forgetting that I do like jasmine and bergamot. Vanilla Sugar made me hesitant since I don’t like vanilla scents at all but I’m SO GLAD I got this in the 5ml perfume oil version.

The perfume oils took a bit of time to settle, unlike the solid scents. How Caroline smelled on me when it first arrived and a week later was pretty different though not 100% so. Bookishbeauty on the forum attributes this to the perfume oils being freshly blended and needing to “mature” before they developed fully. Unlike solid scents, where I imagine a ready blend of perfume oil is added to the base. Which makes a lot of sense to me.

In the bottle, the ambergris (I think), bergamot and lemon come through pretty strong, with just small whiffs of champagne, jasmine and sarsaparilla in it. On my skin, it doesn’t turn that lemon-y and I actually get more of the jasmine, sarsaparilla and ambergris. The lemon, bergamot and vanilla sugar are hinted at but don’t come through much. I really like this blend. It’s on the warmer side but not totally so and smells playful and feminine but not in an “old” way. This works for me through the work day and also for hot tropical evenings here. This has the best staying power out of the 4 SA scents I’ve tried so far and when applied at 8am, it still lingers on my skin and clothes till 6pm and a bit after. I like Caroline so much, I’ve made another order in the recent BOGO sale.

Caroline's the lighter oil and Norah, the darker

025. NORAH {new}
Oakmoss, Orange Peel, Tea Blossom, Patchouli, Peru Balsam, Rosewood, White Ginger

5ml perfume oil – $10

Norah’s a new SA creation in the summer collection (so get it now while you can, become autumn comes along and this gets shelved till the next year). Other than orange peel, patchouli and white ginger, I’ve not actually sniffed any of the other notes before, which was why I decided to get it. Similarly, when it first arrived, I didn’t like Norah at all. All I could get was the orange, really, and maybe a tad of oakmoss. It turned soapy on my skin very quickly, within 30 minutes tops. But I gave it a go again a week later (with the oil developing better) and boy was I pleasantly surprised. I wore this for 2 days to the office and I loved it. I can see why it’s a summer scent. It’s light but by no means simple. The oakmoss was a lot stronger, with orange peel still featuring prominantly, but the other florals came more into play. While it’s not a “fresh and clean” scent per se, it’s certainly a better daytime scent. Maybe a tad on the cool side but not as much as Anastasia on me. While I still personally prefer Caroline to Norah, Norah’s bound to see a lot of wear from me too. Especially for long work days. Staying power isnot as strong as Caroline (since it has lighter florals?) but very enjoyable nevertheless.

All in all, I’m very happy with my 4 SA scents (I’ve already finished Anastasia) and am eagering awaiting my BOGO scents to get here.

I’d HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Sweet Anthem to everyone who’s tired of single notes or boring generic perfume oils on etsy.

~*Items reviewed purchased by me with a Heartsy voucher*~


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