My Perfect Bronzer – Benefit 10

Bronzers never appealed to me hitherto, because I just couldn’t figure out the ratio of where to apply and how much and to blend. Furthermore, most of the bronzers out there seem geared towards the Caucasian market, which carries a lot of brown in them. To me, brown on a yellow skintone on the cheeks only serves to highlight the sallowness. However, that didn’t stop me from ordering bronzer samples from mineral makeup companies, since they were generally very affordable.

All changed when my friend passed me the Benefit 10.

That magical little box

What it is:
A duo of delectable pink and bronze powders.

What it is formulated to do:
Bronze and highlight in one sexy sweep for a supermodel glow. This satiny pink and bronze powders give you sleek, sculpted cheekbones. Simply sweep (don’t swirl!) your brush over the dual powder and apply to cheekbones – highlighter on top, bronzer on bottom and…Voila, you’re a perfect 10! Apply to cheekbones, décolleté, anywhere! We won’t tell!

Size: 0.25 oz

The box is rather battered from being tossed around in my makeup bag. But it survives and is still intact.

There was a small paper leaflet that I’ve chucked away. The goat hair brush is kind of dinky and slightly  pokey though usable. Considering the price of this in Singapore, they really should provide a better brush. It sheds a bit with each wash too. But because it’s natural hair, it doesn’t pick up too much powder and helps to diffuse the powder evenly when applied. Plus, it’s the only brush that will fit right smack in the box.


The shades imo are perfect on my NC 25 – 30 skin. The problem with most bronzers is the dark muddy brown they tend to pull on yellow based skin. The bronzer part of the Benefit 10 is not so much brown as a healthy bronze-golden or golden-tan shade. The highlighter part looks pink in the box but because it’s very light, it goes on rather colourless on me. The bronzer part can last a good 8 hours or slightly more, but the highlighter shade fades pretty fast.

The colours are easy to use and reasonably pigmented without being too heavy. So with just a single stroke to pick up the powder in the box and a swipe or 2 of the brush on the face, it’s really hard to overdo the look. I like to blend both out slightly after application and the powders do blend fine. It gives me instant natural looking cheekbones that photograph very well. For days when I don’t feel like using blusher to avoid clashing with the rest of the colours on my face, I have this. It gives an instant polished look, even with minimal makeup.

Something I’d definitely pay full retail for when/if I run out 🙂 So bye bye other bronzers!

~*Item was a personal gift to me*~


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