Heartsy Spotlight 9 July 2011: Sobe Botanicals

I must admit, I’ve been getting pretty blah and much more selective about the Heartsy deals. So for me to post about this, it means I’m pretty excited about Sobe Botanicals’ Heartsy Voucher! Yay!

 You can sign up for a Heartsy a/c here http://heartsy.me/users/89868/referral?c=plink with my referral link to get us both USD$5 in credit each when you make your first purchase :D

For $14, you get $28 store credit or $38 if you’re a vip. Either way, it’s a darn good deal at at least 50% off! I’m off to get some lippies for myself now 🙂

Price Credit VIP Credit VIP Discount
$14 $28 $38 64%

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Lipgloss, Makeup galore and other yummy goodies by the score :)
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