Heartsy Bag Purchase: Silver Lulu Bag from Estella Design

I paid USD$50 for a USD$110 (VIP value, normal members USD$100) voucher for this bag from Estella Design.

Lulu Bag (Photo taken off Estella Design etsy listing)

International Airmail was USD$10, so I had to top up USD$19 (USD$129, with voucher value of USD$110). Total cost was USD$69.

An oversize bag, with amazing unique handles. Beautiful fabric, rich pleats and creases.
This bag will upgrade any outfit. For day or night.
this bag will make your entire appearance. It is vintage looking, stylish and very classic.
It has three ways of holding. By the handle, or by it’s removable strap that can fit across the body, or on the shoulder.
Closure by tow magnetic snaps.
Inside a main compartment with roomy zipper pocket, slip pocket for cell phone.
Silver water resistant fabric.
(Available also in: black, brown, pink, camel, orange)
The handles can be taken out by screwing off.
Made of Neoprene – a fabric used in wet suits. Water proof, machine wash cold, hand wash cold. Can be wiped with a wet non alcohol cloth.
Very Durable material, doesn’t fade. Black lining.

Height: 12.8″
Width: 19.6″
Depth: 4.8″
Strap: 24″or48”

Height: 32cm
Width: 49cm
Adjustable Strap: 60 or 120cm

The bag arrived approximately 2 weeks after being shipped out from Israel and arrived in a soft cardboard pack. The bag was in the plastic wrapping you see in the photo above, along with a postcard-sized company card depicting the bag in a different shade.

My first thoughts were: NO. This is NOT neoprene. I currently have or have owned neoprene suits and neoprene rashguards from various brands and in thickness of 0.5mm, 1mm, 3mm and 5mm. This does not feel as “rubber-like” as my neoprene suits. However, it isn’t exactly polyester fabric too, but something hardier. It’s probably a hybrid instead of a traditional neoprene fabric. But I’m not really convinced. Although it is water resistant. I held out the fabric handles under running water which rolled off in droplets, although the area got slightly damp after a while.

The metal handles are sturdy and overall, the seams are evenly sewn with a very durable black lining. The removable handle is of the same fabric but isn’t padded. I would prefer it padded as that’d make it more comfortable on the shoulders. There is a zippered inner compartment as well as one for a small phone.

I’m very happy with the size of the bag, which can take A4 sized documents. It’s roomy and stylish instead of looking like something a bag lady would carry. There’s a black Estella Design cloth label on the side of the bag, which is pretty inconspicuous (I’m not a fan of monograms or stuff that scream out names. If you want me to carry your name on an item I use for free publicity, you’d better pay me or sponsor me ;))

On balance, I have pretty mixed feelings about the bag. I like the size, general style and that it has a removable/convertible strap. However, the main attraction for me was really the “neoprene” fabric that it’s supposed to be made out of. Which doesn’t compare the same as the neoprene stuff I have. Although to be fair, if it were really true neoprene, you’d need an industrial strength sewing machine to work with it. While I’d never ever pay full price for this bag, USD$69 incl. shipping is pretty fair and right at the upper limit of what I’d spring for if I were to see this bag in the flesh before purchasing. I’ve managed to use this bag for 3 days this week and it’s held up pretty well.

Thanks, Heartsy, for the deal 🙂

~*Item reviewed purchased by me*~


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