First Impressions (Heartsy): Amathia Soapworks

My Heartsy voucher of USD$11 for USD$35 (VIP value, normal members USD$25) got me the following, with just a top-up of USD$1 = Total amount paid was USD$12 (incl. shipping fees).

From Amathia Soapworks, a relatively new company on etsy.


Best Packaged Etsy Purchase

 I was extremely impressed by the packaging. The total shipping charged was USD$9 but the items came packed in a large box with styrofoam peanuts and bubble wrap. Along with a leaflet on Handmade Soaps and an invoice. Actual postage was slightly over USD$16 iirc. Yup, the seller undercharged but I was not requested to topup.

 I’ve not read the leaflet but you can click on the photos below to enlarge them to read if you’re interested.

That’s one side

Amathia Soapworks does take its marketing efforts seriously. While the leaflet doesn’t look 100% professional, it’s definitely a good printjob and in colour.

Labelling is professionally done, along with ingredients and usage method listed on full sized items. The bar of soap looks absolutely GORGEOUS with what resembles a dusting of gold on top!

I’ve used the Hazelnut Coffee Scrub last night and how awesome is it? It smells more coffee with just a mild touch of hazelnut and the aroma lingered in my bathroom after, as well as a tinge of it on my skin. The sugar is very fine and non-abrasive at all, which quickly melted after rubbing it in. There is a thin emollient film left on the skin after rinsing, which you may or may not like. Personally, it doesn’t bother me, since I skip the body moisturiser after.

The vapor rub was timely enough for my gym session earlier this week. It applies nicely without being overly greasy, since it’s petroleum free. I love the warming sensation it gives, which lasted about 30 minutes or so on me. It’s not too hot and should be tolerated reasonably well by people with normal skin. It’s an all-natural formulation and the description reads:

A natural petroleum free menthol vapor rub that will help soothe muscle soreness away, a must-have for around the house.

Massage a tiny bit gently into sore muscles and tight joints to feel the tingling sensation of menthol. Or try it as a chest congestion rub! Sweet Almond Oil infused with St Johns Wort, Comfrey Leaf, and Plantain Leaf lightens up the Shea Butter base, making a salve-like texture that’s a breeze to scoop out just enough from the jar.

The texture of both are very fine and the scent level is just right. Not too mild nor too cloyingly heavy. I’ve also tried the soap sample (Cherry Blossom Jasmine tri-coloured piece) and it lathers wonderfully with a rather marked scent that sits too sweet for my liking.

Concluding thoughts: The Methol Vapor Rub is something I’m very likely to purchase again once finished, since it’s petroleum free and I like how it feels on my body. The scrub is pretty good value at US$13 for 8 oz and I love the aroma too, a possible re-purchase. I’m surprised that the seller didn’t request additional shipping from me since it was over by quite a substantial amount, which adds to the “goodwill”. However, I don’t think there’s quite a need to overpack the items, as I’m pretty sure the 3 would go into a USPS international flat rate envelope that costs USD$13++ as I’ve had many items ship that way. Styrofoam peanuts are also detrimental to the environment and while I truly appreciate the gesture and care taken in packaging, I find that quite at odds with the whole “green/natural” movement. But I’m really nit-picking here. The aromas are lovely and I might venture into trying the other products once I make a more substantial dent in my Bath & Body items!

~*Items reviewed purchased by me*~


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