Brush Review: Abbamart White Goat Shadow Brush and Eye Highlight Brush


I couldn’t resist including these 2 brush dupes in my June order from Abbamart. In my earlier entry on Abbamart’s new brush release, I had identified them as possible MAC brush dupes.

White Goat Eye Shadow Brush

White Goat Eye Shadow Brush at USD$2.20, this might be a possible MAC 217 Blending Brush dupe.

Eye Highlighting Brush

The Eye Highlighting Brush at USD$2.20 from Goat Hair might also be a possible dupe candidate for the MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush. I do suspect that the Abbamart brush head might be slightly larger than the MAC 239.

The Eye Highlighting Brush is at the top (comes with brush head cover) and the White Goat Eyeshadow Brush is at the bottom. Both have been washed and that’s how the hairs look post-wash.

Both brushes are very densely bristled and fluffy (being goat hair). I don’t recall them shedding when washed. They don’t splay that much post-washing and aren’t pokey on the eye area.

That’s my thumb next to them for size comparison. The Eye Highlighting Brush is on the big side for me and I use it mostly to apply an all-over lid shade to brighten up the area. The White Goat Eyeshadow Brush is also somewhat big for precise eyeshadow application and I use it only as a blending brush, as it’s not as pokey as the   Fluffy Blending Brush . However, I must admit that it doesn’t blend as well as the Fluffy Blending Brush, since the hairs are shorter.

The Eye Highlighting Brush on the left is slightly flattish, with the White Goat Eyeshadow Brush having a more rounded shape on the right, which is fine for blending.

Out of the 2, I particularly like the Eye Highlighting Brush for a single swipe over my entire lid area and would not hesitate to recommend it 🙂

~*Items reviewed purchased by me*~


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