Heartsy Purchase Review: Pink Bow Bath Boutique

I eagerly grabbed the USD$8 for USD$26 (VIP value) voucher for Pink Bow Bath Boutique, impressed by its offering of assorted body moisturiser formulas (body butter, frosting and souffle).

My purchase came up to USD$31.14, so my total paid was USD$13.14.

Postage charged was USD$12.64 and the actual postage was just over USD$10, which is pretty fair.

I picked up the All Star Sampler Pack for USD$10 for 8 pieces of small jars:

Cupcake scented Silky Skin Soufflé (1 oz)
Pink Passion Sand Beaches scented NEW Paraben Free Whipped Body Frosting (1/2 oz)
Cherry Cotton Candy scented NEW Paraben Free Whipped Body Frosting (1/2 oz)
Hawaiian Wedding Cake scented NEW Paraben Free Whipped Body Frosting (1/3 oz)
Pink Sugared Buttercream Puffs scented Silky Skin Soufflé (1/3 oz)
Pink Cotton Sundresses scented Silky Skin Soufflé (1/2 oz)
Cake Batter Ice Cream scented Beautiful Body Butter (1/3 oz)
Pink Berry Paradise scented Beautiful Body Butter (1/2 oz)

Packaging: Your Sampler Pack will come attractively packaged in a patterned cello gift bag, the perfect pretty gift for yourself!

As well as the 4 oz Jo Malone Type Nectarine Blossoms & Honey Whipped Cream Soap, 4 oz, for USD$9.

A free 1/3 oz sample of Sweet Honeysuckle Body Butter was included, along with a printed invoice.

I would like to draw your attention to the plastic bag with a pink mesh ribbon at the back of the photo, that’s supposed to be the patterned cello gift bag that houses the All Star Sampler Pack. It arrived torn on the side and frankly, I’m wondering where the pattern is. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a Heartsy deal hence the lack of a proper gift bag as described.

Although the 4 oz jar was shrinkwrapped (only full sized item), the small tubs/jars arrived unshrinkwrapped, which is fine by me. However, out of the 9 small jars and tubs, 7 arrived with the caps not tightly screwed on. I could still turn each at least 1/4 of a round in. Luckily there was no leakage. But not good as first impressions go.


I really like the cuteness of the label print and the small sizes. However, I don’t appreciate the labelling on the caps being way off-centre, as it says “rush job” to me. Considering that the All Star Sampler Pack is touted as a “gift” pack, what does that say?


 Ingredients are printed on the card instead of on the label on the jar.

Very strangely, the white label on the back of the full sized jar is also non-waterproof. While I’m not too fussed if it’s an item that isn’t used in the bathroom, but for whipped soaps, this is an absolute no-no to me, since these jars are very likely to get splashed on in the shower/bathroom.

There is a difference in texture between the body butter, body frosting and souffle. The scents are very strong and generally on the girly side.

The butter is buttery (rather duh :P) and the souffle and frosting are on the lighter side. Pretty well done textures imo and all apply lightly into the skin. No greasy afterfeel, which is a plus. If you love strong scents, you’d fancy these.

In summary, while I think the formulas of the moisturisers I’ve tried are promising with very marked scents, the packaging is a real deterrent, especially at the pricepoint. Coupled with the fact that the “patterned cello gift bag” was frankly not what it’s supposed to be and that most of the sampler sized jars and tubs were not screwed on tightly, it’s highly unlikely I’d re-purchase from Pink Bath Bow Boutique. Unless there’s something or a scent I really want.

~*Items reviewed purchased by me*~


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