New Darling Girl Cosmetics Eyeshadows

Continuing from my previous posts about my 3rd Darling Girl Cosmetics purchase are the eyeshadow swatches 🙂 Eyeshadows are all swatched over Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy (because I’m trying to use up the sample size I have)

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(Photos can be viewed in their full sizes by clicking on them)

Taken Indoors, Natural Light

These are all the sample sized eyeshadows I ordered at $0.60/plastic baggie, GWP or part of the Review Pack for bloggers. My personal comments on each are in parentheses (…).

Chai – Chai is a golden beige shimmer Depending on coloring this would be a good highlight or a gorgeous one color wash. Very similar to Babe Dahl only more golden. (I love this. It’s definitely a shade for sleepy mornings when you have puffy eyes and just want them to look perkier and more awake – I sense a full size purchase ahead for this!)

Cydonia – Deep grayed down khaki green with a halo of gold. This was loosely based on MAC’s Gazette Gray from the Pret a Papier collection. (I love taupes and how could I not try a sample of this at least? Definitely a shade for the crease.)

Cozy Nights – Semi sheer taupey brown with amazing iridescent flecks of copper, gold and red. (This is certainly a unique shade imho, a good “going out” or “evening” colour to have on)

REM – REM is a rich metallic golden green with crimson shimmers. Foiled it is an amazing metallic and dry you can really see the golden undertones. (I find this a pretty complex looking colour and if shimmer is your thing, you might want a sample too.)

Seabiscuit – Seabiscuit is a stunning reddish brown metallic inspired by the beautiful coat of famous bay stallion Seabiscuit, who was best known for winning a race against 4:1 odds. Gotta love an underdog story. (love the name 🙂 and metallic sheen. A shade to go for if you like warm colours)

Trust Fund – Sheer slightly iridescent golden yellow with flashes of red interference. This is the one yellow shadow that works for me. This works great as a subtle wash of color or a highlight shade. (This is a pretty unusual balance of gold and yellow that works pretty well, imo. Rather intriguing for me, since I prefer neutrals or lighter shades nowadays)

Whimsy – Whimsy is an interesting color…It’s an iridescent smokey lavender, but in certain lights you see flashes of gold and green. This is one of my favorite one color washes paired with a great liner and you are ready to go. (I personally think this would make a good smokey eye shade as well instead of the standard silver and of course, the one-wash as advised by Susan in the preceding description.)

Mojito – Silky iridescent blue-ish green with a slightly metallic twinkle. Kind of reminds me of the Tiffany boxes. (There was a time when I really loved these sort of shades on my eyes when I was tanner and this still makes my heart skip a beat. Mojito is a slightly lighter version of Mardi Gras imo and if you have one, I don’t think you’d quite need the other)

Mardi Gras – Gorgeous iridescent teal green with copper duochrome. (I don’t quite see the copper duochrome, but I guess that might account for why it’s slightly darker than Mojito? I love how “fresh” both Mojito and Mardi Gras look)

Taken indoors, natural light

I do think Susan has the metallic finish pretty well done, looking like molten metal but without it being too shiny/shimmery.

Taken Indoors, Natural Light. Swatched over Pixie Epoxy

With the exception of Hollywood on the far right, which was the GWP eyeshadow of the week, the other 4 eyeshadows were the full sizes I bought. While they’re in the “neutral” family, you can see they are by no means fuddy duddy nor dowdy at all.

Chimera – Chimera is such an awesome color, it’s like getting two shadows in one. In the jar and applied over a white base it looks like a gorgeous pale peach with some gold shimmer but applied over a regular primer it’s a pale silvery lavender with gold shimmer. This shade is the sister shade to Ver-Beige Liquid Kiss. (Yes, I just HAD to get Chimera since it is the eyeshadow sister to Ver-Beige, which has been blogged about by me in a previous entry. Love love love this. It’s a very apt name too.)

Magnolia – This shade is a little deceptive it looks kind of beige pink in the pot, but it applies a lovely pale creamy lilac. This is a great barely there color, great for that kitten eye look. (I didn’t quite connect the dots, but this reminds me of Silk Naturals’ Adorn. No wonder I went for a FS version. I really like these lid shades that glisten a different shade when the light hits it differently.)

Whisper – Whisper is a gorgeous shimmering peach pearl. This would be a beautiful highlight shade. (The highlight shade and in a pearl finish. Or a good one colour wash to perk up the eye area)

Horse with No Name – A Horse With No Name is a lovely neutral to add to your collection. It’s a slightly warm tan with a slight coppery sheen and a low luster finish. (A basic staple that I prefer to Liberty)

Another look at these lovelies

For a startup that’s not even a year old, I do think Susan has ventured very well into different finishes/types/colours/assortment of eyeshadows and lipglosses. I haven’t tried enough of the blushes to comment on that. Well done and very reasonably priced, along with the 2 free eyeshadow samples that come in every order AND the week’s GWP for $10 purchases & above. An Indie company to keep your eyes on and yes, I’ll be making a 4th purchase pretty soon.

~*Items reviewed purchased by me*~


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