Epically Epic New Lipbalms – Watermelon Punch & Lemon Sorbet

Epically Epic Soap Co. is in the midst of making and releasing new lipbalms. Yay!

There’ll be more new flavours to follow, but the 2 below have been listed on Etsy.

(Photos taken off Epically Epic’s etsy listings)

Watermelon Punch Lip Tint

I’m very excited about this because it’s watermelon (which I love) and the colour looks just like the juicy luscious watermelon flesh it’s supposed to be.

Described by EESC as:

Watermelon Punch~ Juicy summer watermelon and sweet fruit punch. This sheer melon pink lip tint adds shine, shimmer, and subtle color.

Available here at a very reasonable USD$3.50

A bright lemony yellow

I love lemons and any fruit sorbet. This sounds awesome for summer? This is a lipbalm.

Lemon Sorbet~ I’ve had lots of requests for a lemon flavor lip balm. This is a new and improved more lemony version of a flavor I used to make a couple of years ago. It tastes just like a sweet, refreshing scoop of lemon sorbet. It also has a touch of vanilla and sweetness that reminds me of lemon sandwich cookies.

Available here at USD$3.50

I’ll be waiting for the rest of the new releases before making another Epically Epic purchase 🙂


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