My 3rd Darling Girl Cosmetics Order

You know how it is when that magic word appears.


During Darling Girl Cosmetics’ first ever sale (buy 2 get 1 of same or lower value), here’s what I got.

Check out that kawaii postcard

The order was placed on 29 May, shipped on 15 June (longer turnaround time owing to the sale + the fact that it’s a one-lady operation) and arrived on 24 June.

Neatly packed

Items were neatly packed, with the Dry Oil Sprays placed in a separate plastic ziploc bag and taped down. The review pack came in a small box, which I wasn’t expecting. The rest of the lipglosses and eyeshadow jars came wrapped in pink paper (which tore slightly at one side – hence the eyeshadow jar peeping out). 2 complimentary samples were included too.

Review Pack

Here’s what’s in the review pack, with a sample of Wallflower Kiss Me Tinted Lip Balm at the bottom, which I can’t wait to try.

Here’re the eyeshadows in jars, liquid kisses in mini tubes as well as the GWP eyeshadow Hollywood. All samples and FS items were labelled with ingredients, except for the Liquid Kisses and the GWP eyeshadow.

Look how matchy the aqua shades are

I thought these eyeshadow samples went very well with one of my  gauze beach sarongs that I use as a background for my blog photos. A whimsical thought 😛

Skin Quenchers - Dry Oil Spray

These 2 Skin Quenchers were 2 of the (Buy 2 Get 1 Free) items that I requested and one of Susan’s newest additions to her site. I’ve tried out the 2 of them (couldn’t wait, could I?) and both smell lovely with a marked fragrance that doesn’t overwhelm. I love the Zucchini Flower scent – it’s on the vegetable side and reminds me of it well enough.

Swatches and a more thorough review to follow when I find the time & daylight to do up the shots 🙂

~*Items reviewed purchased by me or were GWPs*~


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