Abbamart Precision Crease and Fluffy Blending Brush Review

This is an update of sorts on these 2 brushes that I’ve used  🙂

May 2011 Purchase

The photo above shows how the brushes looked before they were washed and used. I’ll be writing on the Precision Crease Brush and the Fluffy Blending Brush in this entry.

The Precision Crease Brush retails at USD$1.50 here and is described as:

* Small round tapered eye brush made from silky white goat hair* Sweeps and blends shadow in the crease, and the tip is excellent for inner-corner highlighting

* The stronger hairs of this brush lend more precision and control to contouring a smokey eye look

Total Length: 13.7 cm Hair Length: 0.9 cm Handle: Natural Wood

The Fluffy Blending Brush retails at USD$2 here and is described as:

* Eyeshadow blending brush made from white goat tuft* Long, softly splayed hairs gently blend and finish colors across the lid and in the crease

* Wonderful tool for applying a finishing touch of highlighting shimmer to the center of the lid

Total Length: 14.7 cm Hair Length: 2 cm Handle: Natural Wood

This is how they look after being washed and used lightly yesterday. Both did not shed when they were being washed.

In a forum I go to quite a fair bit, the Fluffy Blending Brush was reported to have splayed hair after washing. I now get what that forum user was saying. As the hairs at the circumference of the Fluffy BB are tapered in various lengths, it’s really no wonder that they splayed after washing, once the factory chemicals that coat the brush hairs got washed off. Even though the Precision Crease Brush also has lightly tapered hairs at the circumference, it kept its shape very well, being more densely packed and having bristles of a very short length.

The Fluffy Blending Brush is slightly scratchy if you use it at a slanted angle on your eyes, which cause the tapered hairs at the circumference to come into contact with the skin. But if you use it at a 90 degree angle with just the top hairs blending on your lid, it doesn’t poke at all. I suspect this has to do with how natural hair (be it animal/human) are fashioned, since synthetic brushes don’t seem to have this problem. If you’re not too fussed about this, this blending brush does blend out very well, without muddling up the different eyeshadow colours.

The Precision Crease Brush, on the other hand, performs equally gentle when used at any angle. I highly recommend this brush and have purchased another 2 more myself 🙂 It works especially fine with darker shades used in the crease without depositing too much on the lids. Being more porous than synthetic fibres, it also helps in dispersing the colour easily without overloading at any one area. If your crease shade isn’t too dark, you don’t really need a separate blending brush as this can do the job too.

~*Items reviewed in this entry were purchased by me*~

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