Latherati 41% Sale Purchases

Do you practise what you preach, purchase what you post about? 😛

I just did.

More than once. In fact, I placed 2 orders for Latherati‘s one-day only 41% off sale!

This is what I got.

(All photos taken off Latherati’s Etsy Listings)

Dr Jekyll Roll-On Fragrance

I purchased 2 of these clearance Dr Jekyll roll-on perfumes, to add to the 2 I purchased previously. These will be discontinued so do stock up while you can!

Dr Jekyll Body Lotion

2 x bottles of Dr Jekyll Body Lotion, to be used as hand moisturiser on my office desk.

Dr Jekyll Solid Perfume

Just a tin of this, because I already have another and because it’s marked down!

The sinister Mr Hyde

Just a bottle of My Hyde, to complete the Alter Ego collection and try layering both Jekyll and Hyde together. Muahahaha. (tip: Dr Jekyll goes very well with Isle of Skye layered together, both of which I have on now.)


Inspired by Jane Austen’s Emma.

Isle of Skye Dry Oil Spray

To go with the roll-on perfume that I already have.


If I can’t imbibe in champagne daily, the lipbalm would do too 🙂


Inspired by Mansfield Park, Jane Austen. Milquetoast.

Blossom - The Secret GardenThanks to the sample of Blossom included in the last purchase, which made me pick up a couple of Blossom items. This roll-on perfume and the next photo below. Blossom Body Cream

To layer with the perfume above.

Valentine Limited Edition

I’m curious about Valentine, but didn’t want to spend a full USD$7. But for just over USD$4 (after 41% off), I’m cool 🙂

Tara - Gone with the Wind

Once again, thanks to the free Tara soap sample in a previous order, this explains why Tara’s here. I couldn’t find the roll-on perfume version, otherwise I’d have picked that up too. It smells so clean and lovely.

Curiouser - Alice in Wonderland

I am curious about Curiouser so what better time to try with 41% off?

Ok, that ends my list. I sense a no-buy spell coming up very soon 🙂 Like in 5 minutes!


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