Please, Mr Postman, Wait and See

Is there a parcel in your bag for me? 😛

Or maybe more than 1?

Thank you, Annie & Chelsea! Lovely Ambrosia Lip Balms all sitting pretty in a row from

 I now own the complete collection 😀 Except for the colourless lip dip.

2 new blusher colours

I’ll be taking photos and doing swatches of them this weekend, when I get more daytime to myself.

Scented Lovelies from Latherati

What did I get from Latherati? (Isle of Skye Solid Perfume and Dairymaid soap were free gwps)

The most divine Dr Jekyll Solid Perfume, Perfume Roll-Ons and Body Creams. Had to stock up since they’re getting discontinued to make way for new scents. Grab yours while they’re still available!

~*Items purchased by me or were GWPs*~


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Lipgloss, Makeup galore and other yummy goodies by the score :)
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