Abbamart Pink Zebra Cosmetic Organizer

My June purchase from Abbamart arrived earlier in the week, but I’ve not had the time to do up a blog entry nor take photos. Except for a sole exception.

This is awesome.

One Hot Pink Zebra

This Hot (racey) Pink Zebra Cosmetic Organizer retails at just USD$5 from Abbamart here but packs very many useful and zippered compartments.

Described as:

* One cosmetic organizing pouch in your choice of White Leopard or Pink Zebra pattern* Unfolds to reveal four separate zippered compartments for stashing brushes, shadows, lip glosses, applicators or even jewelry (see inset)* Sturdy flap and backing help protect your goods during storage* See-through vinyl compartments let you easily find what you’re looking for

* Perfect for overnight travel!

Size: 21.5 cm x 16 cm when closed Material: Rayon


It fastens with 2 simple buy strong velcro patches and the silver D-ring is useful for hanging on hooks or add on a carabiner if you’d like to swing it from a door knob or something larger.

Back View

The rear of the organiser has a handle, which you can handcarry around or place it on a hook.

Compartments galore

This is what I find most useful about this organiser. The 5 transparent vinyl compartments that ZIP UP. Yes, zippered compartments. A simple but great feature to have when I’m as clumsy as I am. Whichever way you hang this organizer up, there will be a couple of compartments that zip the right way up, so you wouldn’t have them falling out, or worse, compartments that have nothing to secure their contents.

The compartments are pretty decent-sized and can store brushes/lipbalms/small cases or plenty of mineral makeup eyeshadow jars. But probably not a large compact foundation or a very long handled powder brush. Those would be better off in cosmetic pouches. But this is good and flat enough for a short getaway or to have it in your daily carryall bag.

At just USD$5 and available in White Leopard or Pink Zebra. I’m not a fan or animal/reptilian prints at all, but even the pink zebra looked cute to me. Plus, a much more practical colour than White Leopard. Following photos taken off Abbamart’s store.

Fun shades and prints!


Rating out of 10
Price: 9
Quality: 8
Packaging: 9
Ease of usage: 9
Overall score: 8.8 
~*Product reviewed purchased by me*~

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