Heartsy/Etsy Purchase: Frosted Willow Brass Bangles

Here’s yet another fantastic value deal from Heartsy. I picked up a USD$13 for USD$35 store credit (VIP value) and here’s what I got for a total of USD$35.55 from Frosted Willow.

The order was placed on 13 June, received in Singapore on 21 June (8 days international airmail!) with a postage of just USD$2.53 (invoiced for USD$2.60). Very fair.

The bangles were packed in a cardboard box (dented from the journey) and included were 2 cards.

A brass Starfish bangle for USD$15 and a brass Leafvine bangle for USD$17.95.

The closed bangles certainly look wellmade, with good and defined detailing and are available in a customised width:

X Small: 2.25 inches in Diameter (or 7.5 inch Circumference)
Small: 2.5 inches in Diameter (or 8 inch Circumference)
Medium 2.75 inches in diameter (or 8.5 inch circumference)
Large 3 inches in diameter (or 9 inch circumference)

As the bands are thin, I expect them to become slightly out of shape through constant wearing or knocking around. All in all a good deal for just USD$13.55 on my hand.

Lemming for such affordable jewellery and other goodies without paying an arm and leg? Do check out Heartsy!

You can sign up for a Heartsy a/c here http://heartsy.me/users/89868/referral?c=plink with my referral link to get us both USD$5 in credit each when you make your first purchase :D


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